6 Coolest Treehouses To Make You Forget About The Crazy City Life

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Coolest Treehouses To Make You Forget About The Crazy City Life

Camping in a treehouse perched high up the tree, surrounded by nothing but the thickets of a forest with a view of the bubbling lake, can truly be a vacation of your dreams. But wake up, it can be a reality too! How? Well, let’s take you around the world to some of the most picturesque treehouses located at the most exotic destinations ever. All you got to do is plan your next vacation here when its safe to travel again. So are you ready for a treehouse adventure?

1. Bird’s Nest Treehouse In Sweden

Sweden’s Bird’s Nest Treehouse is exotic, classy from the outside and indulgent from the inside. It looks a giant birds nest, so make sure you don’t miss it.  For the convenience of travellers, there’s also a restroom, spa and bar at the Treehotel. Bird’s Nest Treehouse is a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and modernity. The treehouse has gleaming wooden panels and finely crafted interiors. You can enjoy the luxurious of separate bedrooms, living room, and a retractable staircase. This huge bird’s nest is sheer class and its surrounding are mesmerising.

treehouses in the world
Picture Credits: forbes.com

2. Tetsu Treehouse In Japan

Japan has one of the most beautiful treehouses in the world, and that’s Tetsu Treehouse in Japan. Perched amid cherry blossom trees, this treehouse stands on a single Cypress turn surrounded by pink hue. The architect Terunobu Fujimori, is responsible for this fairytale wonder. And all you got to do is reside here in Hokuto with your bae and wake up to the beauty of cherry blossom trees in your cosy treehouse.

treehouses in the world
Picture Credits: worldarchitecture.org

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3. Moose Meadow Lodge & Treehouse In The USA

Have you ever wished you could stay in a house right out of the postcard? Well, you can at the Moose Meadow Lodge and Treehouse in the USA. This treehouse resembles a dreamy setup that you’d grown up seeing in booking during your childhood days. The lodge is built on a steam tree and makes for a glorious setting by the stream. Lush greening, clear blue waters and a beautiful sunrise, that’s what you’re signing up for. The USA also has the world’s highest glass-bottomed pool. 

treehouses in the world
Picture Credits: tripadvisor.in

4. The Hemloft Treehouse In Canada

Situated in the secret hideout in the woods of British Columbia, The Hemloft Treehouse has a rustic yet modern charm to it. It’s located in the deep embrace of the woods and nestled on a lofted platform. The egg-shaped treehouse was built by Joel. He built it out of his love for the woods and today it’s one of the fanciest retreats in Canada’s Whistler region.

treehouses in the world
Picture Credits: newatlas.com

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5. Lion Sands in South Africa

Lion Sands in South Africa is a wilderness resort that offers lodges and luxurious rooms. But nothing can beat its treehouses which offers you the opportunity to have an adventurous night of a lifetime. Venture put to these treehouses via the raised wooden walkways. And when you’re all cosy in your savannah king-sized bed atop a tree, its hard to imagine staying anywhere else but here. When you’re in South Africa visiting the floating restaurant for a wildlife experience. 

treehouses in the world
Picture Credits: booking.com

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6. Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Canopy Treehouse In Peru

Of all the exotic places you’d probably imagine yourself in, how about a quirky treehouse in Peru? Stay right in between where the action starts in a wildlife private cabin. With p[alm thatched roof and wooden floors, Peru’s Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Canopy Treehouse screams fun and freedom. Get walkie talkies and use it to call your Canopy Butler. Walk along the suspension bridge to head to the resort’s s quarter-mile 103-foot-high canopy walk. Take a spectacular night time tour here, and you’d know what dreams are made of.

treehouses in the world
Picture Credits: adventuresmithexplorations.com

Well, treehouses are fun, quirky and super adventurous. So if you’d love to be part of this adventure then add these amazing treehouses to your bucket list and explore the world from a bird’s eye view. And if you don’t wish to leave India, then explore the country for global experiences.