Africa’s Floating Restaurant Offers Wildlife Experience

by Angel Merchant
by Angel Merchant 1576

Nestled right in between Botswana and Namibia, a beautiful dining experience awaits. A unique floating restaurant named Raft Floating restaurant hinges on four different African continents and provides delectable meals. The eatery overlooks the gorgeous Chobe River and offers views of hippos, and elephants grazing around. The Raft Floating restaurant is technically located in Namibia. However, due to its close proximity to neighbouring countries, and its unique location, the place is considered a no man’s land. It’s a small paradise away from the hustle-bustle of city life and gives tourists a chance to have a tasty and traditional African meal. So if you can shop at the floating markets of Srinagar, then get ready to dine at this floating restaurant in Africa.  I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most interesting dining experiences in the word!

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Here’s How You Can Get There

The Raft Floating restaurant is a large raft saddled atop the azure waters. A sailboat sent out by the restaurant transports customers to the raft. While aboard the sailboat, tourists and other customers can enjoy traditional African singing and dancing, carried out by the restaurant staff. Although the restaurant is located within the jurisdiction of Namibia, tourists coming in from the Kasane Airport in Botswana, or any other airport in the country will not require clearance of Namibia’s immigration. If you’re up for more adventure then you can also visit South Africa’s Garden Route.  


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 African Braai Meal Is The Highlight Of This Restaurant

Surprisingly, the fancy restaurant only has one item on its menu- The African Braai. This is an elaborate Capetonian African dish that is a delightful barbeque consisting of the following. Three styles of meat, a cooked to order steak, a serving of warm bread, two types of salads, and a homemade dessert. In order to cook the meat, no electric grill or gas is used. Instead, the ‘Braai master’ is covered in smoke, and waits for the charcoal to light up.

Vegetarians are served on advance notice. African Braai can also come in the form of burgers in other more modern places, but at this spot, they just have this one meal. Once you reach the restaurant, the meats will already be cooking on the grill. They are all served as a buffet and are relished on large, round communal tables. There is an onboard bar that serves soft drinks, beer, and wine. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 4 pm only. And if you’re craving for African food in India, then do grab a bite of Bunny Chow which originated in South Africa.

Enjoy The Breathtaking View Of Wildlife As You Dine

While the food and service are great, that is certainly not the main attraction at this spot. The raft floats next to the Seddu island, an island rich with animal wildlife. The breathtaking backdrop of hippos, waterbuck, and elephants, grazing around the gorgeous blue, makes the entire dining experience feel almost surreal.

The restaurant overlooks the Chobe River, which serves as the only border between the neighbouring countries. Here, four countries come together- Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. So Tourists can enjoy the refreshing views along with the slow rocking of the raft on the water, all whilst digging into the two-hour-long feast. Well if that floating restaurant took your breath away, then Bangalore has its own unique floating restaurant in the skies. 


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