Crowded Mumbai Local Video; Vivek Agnihotri Asks How Officials Feel Watching Their Failure Kill People?

Mumbai local train is known for their crowd. After watching a video of these over-crowded trains, Vivek Agnihotri has reacted strongly!

by Shreya Rathod
Crowded Mumbai Local Video; Vivek Agnihotri Asks How Officials Feel Watching Their Failure Kill People?

The city of Mumbai’s local trains are known as its “lifeline,” but a video of a packed train made riders fear for their lives. Hundreds and thousands of people travel daily by these local trains as it costs less than other commute options. As a matter of fact, every Mumbaikar knows about how crowded the trains are and travelling is not a cakewalk. Recently, a video went viral where you can see people travelling the already crowded Mumbai local and Vivek Agnihotri has reacted strongly about it.

Vivek Agnihotri Reacts Strongly At The Crowded Mumbai Local Video

A video of the Mumbai local train went viral which was scary enough for people to fear for their lives. It displayed passengers who had boarded the vehicle unsafely. It shows passengers squeezed between two compartments, standing on the footboard and holding to the edge of the gateway, and even managing to squeeze themselves next to a closed, unlocked door.

A risky journey on the Mumbai local train coaches was captured on camera. Despite the intense rush, men and women were seen risking their lives to board the vehicle and fit in. There were people reportedly only based on tickets stumbling to balance themselves and clutch the middle rod in the crowded first-class coaches.

When the video appeared on social media, several online users responded. The clip and the harsh circumstances in which the city’s residents were seen travelling caught the attention of filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri as well.

In his post, he wrote that he often and seriously wonders how politicians and railway officials feel watching their failure running every 3 minutes at a speed of 60 kmph. Further, he points out that it kills around 12 to 15 people every single day while injuring 40 to 50 people. He also asks if they feel anything.

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Netizens React To The Filmmaker’s Post

A user backed the filmmaker’s statement and stated that they don’t feel anything and that human life is cheap in a 1.4 billion nation.

Another user commented that they romanticise the issue, and travelling to slaughterhouses on filthy deathtraps with bags heavier than animals is truly considered an honour.

One of the users asked what railway officials had to do with this. He further points out that Mumbai suburbs require expansion, which requires funding that only politicians can approve.

A user asks rhetorically what’s the feeling? He further writes that with their handsome paychecks in hand, they sat firmly in their AC office. They never go through these congested neighbourhoods. They don’t interact with the general public who travel or pass away from these locals, and they have all the amenities provided by the Railway Ministry.

Another user stated that train riders’ suffering is unseen by others. But Mumbaikars are hopeful that the issue will be resolved eventually thanks to initiatives to connect roads, metro, and other modes of transportation. This kind of overpopulation everywhere is also a result of Mumbai’s growing population.

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If you are a Mumbaikar and travel by the local every day, share your experience with us.

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