This Cute Doggo Decided To Take The Mumbai Local And Accompanied Me To Work!

I met a dog travelling by the Mumbai Local, sitting in a corner near the gate and waiting for his station to arrive.

by Shreya Rathod
This Cute Doggo Decided To Take The Mumbai Local And Accompanied Me To Work!

We have often noticed dogs roaming on the streets or playing with each other. And no matter how much you might be afraid of one, you can’t ignore that they are the cutest thing on this planet! I live in Mumbai where street dogs are very common. Sometimes they are left by their owners who don’t want them anymore. This morning while coming to work, I saw a cute doggo travelling in the Mumbai Local!

Doggo Taking The Mumbai Local


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I started with a fairly normal day—getting ready, eating breakfast in haste and forgetting a bunch of things before locking the doors. And reaching the station two seconds before the train left! Just like every other day, there were ladies in the compartment. However, there was someone else taking the Mumbai local at busy hours in the morning.

Tucked in a corner near the gate, a cute dog was waiting for his station. Looking at him made me wonder— “What if he was taking the train to meet his friends or start his workday, just like us?” He was sitting on the floor calmly and watching the stations pass by—no anxiety, no stress or the need to arrive on time, unlike other Mumbaikars.

Conversely, he was just sitting like it was his zen! Just when the train was about to reach another station, he got up and waited for it to stop. But just before he got down, he turned to me and looked for a solid minute. And I could practically hear, “Adios! I get down at this station. Meet you soon!”

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It was nice to be accompanied by the sweetest four-legged creature!

Another Doggy Took A Train!

dog travelling by mumbai local 1
Credits: Canva

Was this a normal thing for dogs to travel by locals? Apparently, yes! When I searched, I found out that there was another doggy who took the train from Borivali to Andheri. In fact, there was a heartwarming video which featured him. As the video begins, a dog is seen at Borivali station getting aboard a Mumbai local train. Even more amazing is how calm and collected the dog looks to be in the middle of all the activity as commuters board and get off the train.

In July, there was another video where this dog was travelling by train like a pro! On the Internet, a video of a dog riding in a Mumbai local train is becoming incredibly popular. As soon as the four-legged passenger got off the train and started walking around like a regular Mumbai commuter, the video went viral on the internet. Actor Tara Deshpande posted the viral video to her X account. The stray in the video travelled easily and got off at the desired station on her own initiative.

These paw-some creatures are said to be man’s best friend. But we have often come across instances where they were abused by the owners for their entertainment. We have laws to protect humans and thanks to animal activists, there are stricter laws to punish offenders who are abusing these animals, who can’t even say if they are in trouble.

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Comment below and share your thoughts on the video of the cutie travelling by the Mumbai Local.

Cover Image Courtesy: Shreya Rathod/ Instagram

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