CSMIA Redefines Airport Parking With An Innovative Guidance System At Terminal 2

Say goodbye to parking woes and embrace a new standard of convenience for a comfortable and enjoyable journey ahead.

by Mallika Khurana
CSMIA Redefines Airport Parking With An Innovative Guidance System At Terminal 2

The recent debut of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport’s (CSMIA) groundbreaking innovation has revolutionised the parking experience for travellers, exemplifying a commitment to meeting passengers’ needs. This cutting-edge system was launched on November 27th, 2023, in Mumbai. It promises an unparalleled level of convenience for those navigating the airport’s parking facilities. The Parking Guidance System is newly installed at CSMIA’s Terminal 2 Multi-Level Car Parking. It seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology with thoughtful design to ensure a stress-free and efficient parking experience for travellers.

CSMIA Unveils Futuristic Parking Guidance System

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No longer do individuals need to endlessly circle parking lots in search of an available spot. CSMIA’s Terminal 2 parking boasts an innovative camera-based sensor system, a remarkable technological feat that not only facilitates effortless parking but also raises the bar for security standards. These sensors utilise real-time visual guidance through RGB occupancy LEDs assigned to each parking space. These LEDs dynamically change colour, offering precise indicators of each bay’s occupancy status. Moreover, this technology operates with exceptional accuracy and reliability under various conditions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

The introduction of CSMIA’s new parking solution aims to optimise every aspect of the parking journey. LED indicators guide users directly to available parking spaces, significantly reducing the stress and uncertainty associated with finding vacant spots. Upholding their commitment to safety and security, CSMIA’s advanced technology not only prioritises convenience but also focuses on enhancing safety by capturing licence plate information through the sensors.

Finding Your Spot Made Effortless

guidance system
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For those who struggle to locate their parked vehicles, the “Find My Car” feature within the guidance system proves to be a seamless solution. Users can effortlessly retrieve their vehicles by inputting their licence plate numbers at nearby kiosks, eliminating the need to take photographs of their parked cars. Additionally, real-time monitoring systems provide video clips and images displaying parking occupancy, aiding parking supervisors with a heat map dashboard for comprehensive insights into the parking area.

The system also enables customised zone parking by allocating unique LED colours to distinct parking zones. It will certainly contribute to efficient parking management. Furthermore, through occupancy reports and scheduled alarms, the parking management team gains complete oversight and control over the parking facility. It will ensure timely responses to any necessary actions.

Notably, CSMIA had previously implemented the FASTag solution in November 2022, enhancing its Multilevel Car Parking (MLCP) system. FASTag, an electronic toll collection system in India, further exemplifies CSMIA’s dedication to leveraging top-notch technology for the benefit of passengers. It will certainly enhance their travel experiences.

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CSMIA Sets New Standards in Airport Parking Convenience

Photo Credits: Press Release

CSMIA’s commitment to passenger satisfaction is evident in its dedication to a warm welcome and the provision of unparalleled convenience, security, and personalised options to meet evolving needs. The visionary parking guidance system at CSMIA’s Terminal 2 marks a significant leap forward in redefining the airport parking experience. With this innovative system, the days of parking challenges are over, replaced by a new standard of hassle-free airport parking. 

This seamless experience is just one of the many ways CSMIA prioritises passenger satisfaction. It is setting the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable journey ahead.

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