CT Quickies: From Pune Flight Delay To SpiceJet Passenger Ruckus, 5 Airline News For You

If you haven't caught up with news, here are airline news updates which you should know about.

by Shreya Rathod
CT Quickies: From Pune Flight Delay To SpiceJet Passenger Ruckus, 5 Airline News For You

If you haven’t had time to read the news, we have compiled airline updates for you. From flight delays at Pune Airport to SpiceJet passengers created a ruckus at Delhi Airport, here are airline news you need to know.

6 Aviation News To Know About

1. Pune: Delhi IndiGo Flight & SpiceJet Goa Flight Faced Delay

pune flights
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An IndiGo flight from Pune to Delhi was delayed three hours due to a technical problem, which prevented the passengers from taking off. On Friday, there was a 10-hour delay for SpiceJet’s Pune-Goa route as well. The IndiGo flight (6E-2661) was scheduled to take off from Pune at 8.40 am and land in Delhi around 10.40 am. There were more than one hundred passengers on the plane.

As per a passenger’s account, the boarding procedure was completed at 8.30am and the flight took off promptly. The reason the plane had not moved in roughly 45 minutes was questioned by the passengers from the cabin crew.

Similarly, the SpiceJet flight (SG-525) scheduled to take off at 12.30 pm for Goa was delayed by almost 10 hours in the afternoon. The airline declared that the departure time of SpiceJet’s December 1 flight from Pune to Goa had been adjusted due to operational considerations. More than ten hours prior to departure, passengers were informed of the revised time. They express regret for any trouble they may have given the travellers.

2. The Delhi-Ludhiana Flight Only Operated For 28 Days In 3 Months

flybig airlines
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According to official statistics, the single flight that flew between Ludhiana and Delhi for less than a month in the last three months since it took off with great fanfare. The Union Government has taken the situation seriously and pulled up the private airline that won the daily service in the September RCS-UDAN 4.2 round of bidding. The airline has not been running nonstop for the last nine days, leaving daily flyers frustrated and stranded. Nonetheless, FlyBig Airlines’ private carrier, Big Charter Private Limited, has blamed inclement weather for the sporadic flight operations.

3. Vistara Started Flight Service Between Delhi & Bali

vistara flight
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The inaugural flight took off on December 1, 2023, at 00:30 (IST) from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and arrived at Denpasar International Airport, Bali (DPS) at 11:05 (WITA). The modern interiors, in-seat power/USB charging ports, cutting-edge In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system, live TV, and onboard Wi-Fi of Vistara’s A321LR, a three-class aircraft, set it apart for its outstanding features that enhance the overall in-flight experience for passengers.

4. 18 Flights Diverted From Delhi Airport

diverted flights delhi airport
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According to an official, up to 18 flights at the Delhi airport were rescheduled because of the poor weather. The official stated that Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Amritsar were the new destinations for the flights. The official stated that Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Amritsar were the new destinations for the flights.

On Saturday, Vistara confirmed that Flight UK906, which was initially scheduled to depart from Ahmedabad for Delhi, will instead arrive in Ahmedabad. Furthermore, Flight UK954, which was supposed to depart from Mumbai for Delhi, has been rerouted to Jaipur. The terrible weather and low visibility at the Delhi airport prompted this modification.

5. SpiceJet Passengers Create Ruckus At Delhi Airport

spicejet flights
Credits: Wikimedia

A SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Patna was delayed for more than seven hours on Friday. This prompted several irate passengers to protest and cause a commotion at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. In a video, a group of irate travellers can be seen yelling, screaming, and fighting with airline employees about the delay. The passengers claim that after the arrival of the incoming flight, flight from Delhi to Patna was delayed for about 7 hours. According to the airport authorities, officials intervened as soon as things got hot and calmed down for the passengers.

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These were 5 airline news updates for you!

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