Cuba To Welcome Back Tourists In Select Areas

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Cuba To Welcome Back Tourists In Select Areas

Just as countries around the world are reopening for tourism, Cuba plans to take it slow and steady. Tourism, the country’s main economic activity has taken a big blow by the pandemic. However, Cuba has planned a three-phased recovery post Covid.

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Cuba’s Recovery Plan

The first stage of reopening involves hotels offering special holiday packages to national customers. In the second phase, the country will permit ONLY foreign visitors to access off-shore beach resorts in Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Cruz and Cayo Largo del Sur. International tourists will not be able to visit Havana just yet.

In addition, all international tourists will be tested upon arrival. “Upon arrival, foreign tourists will have to follow strict health protocols,” Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz explained.

What Protocols Should Tourists Follow?

Upon arrival, all tourists will be tested for Covid at border control. Besides, a temperature check will also be done.

Tourists will not be permitted to access all parts of the island. Guests will not have access to the main island. Furthermore, excursions inside the city are currently on standby and guests will be encouraged to take day trips within the island only. Car rentals will not be open during the first phase of reopening. However, tourists can hire cars in the second phase, but driving around the main island is strictly prohibited.

Locals will not have access to beaches on the northern and southern cays  inn the first and the second phase of recovery. However, the Varadero beach resort will be an option for local tourists. The resort will first reopen for domestic market. This is done to prevent foreigners from mixing with the city and locals. Services will resume as normal in the third phase of recovery.

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Health And Hygiene Regulations In Place

  1. Customers checking into hotels must enter only after thermal check is done
  2. Guests must disinfect hands, shoes, suitcases and wheels of transport vehicles
  3. No hotel will be operating at 100% capacity – 60% max – to ensure physical distancing
  4. A doctor, nurse and an Epidemiology graduate will be at the premises 24/7 to monitor the guests
  5. Rooms will be cleaned and disinfected as per Covid guidelines
  6. Sheets, pillows, carpets, dressing gowns and leaflets will be removed. Blankets and robes will be handed out upon request
  7. Antibacterial gel or disinfectant will be placed near elevator entrances, and elevators will have a 50% capacity.

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Rules To Be Followed In Restaurants

  1. Restaurants will be regular disinfected
  2. The daily menu will be in clear sight
  3. Tables will be 1.5 m away from each other
  4. Buffet service will have limited capacity
  5. Room service will be available in every hotel

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Precautions For Employees

All employees must wear facemask, gloves and protective gear at all times. Besides, they will Alsop undergo thermal check when they enter and exit the hotel. In addition, employees will work for seven days straight and will then be given seven days to rest at home.

Flights To Cuba

Air restrictions continue to remain in the country. However, in the early phase foreign tourists will be able to fly to international airports in Cayo Coco and Cayo Largo del Sur, on charter flights. Besides, travellers will also be able to fly into Santa Clara international airport. Travellers will be permitted to carry one suitcase as well as one piece of hand luggage. In the third phase however, passengers will be able to carry two suitcases. Meanwhile, before you plan any trip, here are 4 Ways To Deep Clean And Disinfect Your Travel Luggage.

Even though the first phase of recovery is expected to kick into action in June, no exact date has been released as of yet.