Cyclone Biporjoy Is Wreaking Havoc, Newsrooms Are Wreaking It More With Their VFX, Say Netizens

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Cyclone Biporjoy Is Wreaking Havoc, Newsrooms Are Wreaking It More With Their VFX, Say Netizens

Since the last few days, we have all been reading, hearing, and watching news about Cyclone Biporjoy. The cyclone made landfall in Gujarat’s coastal area and turned from a very severe cyclonic storm to a severe cyclonic storm. But what seemed to be very insensitive to netizens were the newsrooms that used VFX for views while reporting about the cyclone and giving its updates to the public. 

Newsrooms Wreaking More Havoc Than Cyclone Biporjoy

When we talk about a cyclone, the pictures of it causing damage to people and property automatically come to mind and send a chill down our spine. It actually has the potential to disrupt or end so many lives. But some newsrooms looked at it with mockery, and netizens did not at all approve of it.

Netizens questioned the fourth pillar of our democracy, journalism, one more time as newsrooms decided to choose mockery instead of fulfilling their responsibility. Social media users came across clips of many newsrooms using crazy VFX while updating the public about the cyclone and its movements.

A video by Republic Bharat showed the reporter trying to battle the gusty winds that were playing on the screen behind her, with an umbrella. The second video, which was a snippet from DRV News, showed the news reporter being stuck in a cyclone as he brought in the news updates. The third video from Times Now showed the reporter riding a helicopter and risking her life to give viewers updates.

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Questioning The Fourth Pillar Of Our Democracy

Netizens could not stop themselves from commenting on such video posts. They were enraged to see how the newsrooms got so insensitive about a topic like cyclones in the name of reporting it to the public. 

People mentioned that these days, news channels should be called entertainment channels instead of informative channels. They did not refrain from calling these reporting videos way bigger disasters than Cyclone Biporjoy. 

One of the users also shared a video, which is a snippet from SRK’s movie “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani,” where Juhi Chawla reports stormy rains in a fake setup. Netizens preferred calling it “actual reporting as compared to some news channels.

Many netizens mentioned that such mockery is the reason why people these days do not prefer to watch news channels. People actually wished these channels were more responsible and sensitive, at least on issues like natural calamities, which tend to claim many lives. 

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What are your views on this?

Cover Image Courtesy: @DRVNews and @INCVivekSingh/Twitter