Daaru Wali Maggi, Anyone? Man Cooks Whiskey Maggi And The Internet Fumes

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Daaru Wali Maggi, Anyone? Man Cooks Whiskey Maggi And The Internet Fumes

Maggi noodles surely hold a very special place in every Indian’s heart. It is that one snack that holds many different emotions for different people. All these days, people have come up with some amazing ways to prepare this dish, with a lot of variations. But some of them were the most bizarre, like Fanta Maggi, Maggi Sandwich, and others. If you think this is the end, no, here’s presenting Whiskey Maggi. 

Whiskey Maggi Is The New Bizarre Food Trend

A viral video on the internet shows a man making maggi with whiskey. The video was posted by Yash Ke Experiments on Facebook. The video featured a man who cooked maggi in a pan on induction by replacing water with a bottle of whiskey. 

He added the maggi masala, noodles, and a bottle of whiskey to the pan and let it simmer and cook just like we do while making maggi. The main motive of this man while doing this experiment was to know whether or not alcohol evaporates. 

In the beginning of the video itself, this man shows that the bottle of whiskey contains 42.8% alcohol and rest is water. So he wanted to know if the alcohol really evaporates or not as per what science teaches us. 

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Netizens Did Not Like This Experiment

whiskey maggi

At the end, he tastes this maggi and informs everyone that there is no alcoholic taste in it and that it tastes like the normal maggi itself. He loudly announces that science is the winner here. 

The video posted has by far received 110.8K views on Facebook, showing how it has garnered a lot of attention on the internet. 

Netizens were not at all happy to see Whiskey Maggi and left some agitated comments in the comments section of the video. Firstly, mixing this super tasty snack with Maggi was the biggest disregard from the netizens. Secondly, whiskey is not used for food preparations, which added to the disgust of the audience. 

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Would you like to try?

Cover Image Courtesy: credits:@yashkeexperiments/Facebook