Dams Near Pune Closed For Visitors This Monsoon

by Sanjana Shenoy
Dams Near Pune Closed For Visitors This Monsoon

Monsoon season beckons long drives and family picnics at dams. But this monsoon, we must avoid visiting tourist spots and crowded places due to the coronavirus pandemic. And in order to ensure people don’t flout social distancing rules, Pune District Collector Naval Kishore Ram banned entry to certain dams and tourist spots near Pune. This includes Mulshi Dam and Tamhini Ghat in Mulshi Taluka, to name a few. Visiting these dams are banned this monsoon season. An FIR will be filed against violators under IPC section 188. Dams near Pune remain closed due to the rising cases of COVID-19 and the landslides that might occur due to heavy rainfall. But you can visit the talukas for any essential work. 

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Pune District Collector Closed Dams Near Pune For Visitors

Pune District Collector Naval Kishore Ram states to Pune Mirror that they now prohibit people from visiting catchment areas of dams around Pune. They closed these areas for visitors in view of the pandemic and for other safety reasons. Violators will be slapped with an FIR under IPC section 188. Dams like Panshet, Bhushi and others attract large crowds of people during the monsoon season. Several mishaps also reported from these places every year.

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Naval Kishore Ram informs that prohibitory orders are put in place under the Disaster Management Act. This is already in force due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also revealed that FIR will be filed against violators under IPS section 188 for flouting these rules. However, he adds that there are no restrictions for visiting these talukas including for necessary work during this monsoon season. While you can visit talukas but not the dams, you can enjoy the monsoon in the comfort of your home through monsoon inspired movies and music. 

The Pune District Collector tweeted “We have #prohibited only visiting #Dams in Maval and Mulshi Talukas. There is #NoRestrictions in going to these Talukas including Lonawala and other places for necessary works as per the guidelines.” 

People Can Go To The Talukas For Essential Work But Dams Near Pune Remain Closed For Visitors

So this monsoon season, these dams are banned for visitors. This includes Mulshi Dam and Tamhini Ghat in Mulshi Taluka, Malshej Ghat in Junnar Taluka, Bhushi dam and Lonavala in Maval taluka, Bhimashankar in Ambegaon Taluka, Khadakwasla Dam in Haveli Taluka, Bhatghar Dam, fort area in Bhor Taluka, Panshet Dam and other areas in Velhe Taluka. But they can visit these talukas for essential work. If you need to visit these talukas for essential work, then do keep these pointers in check if you take a domestic flight. 

These banned places some of the most preferred weekend getaways for the residents of Pune and Mumbai. These places witnesses hoards of tourists on Saturdays and Sundays, especially trekkers. Monsoon tourism in these areas will witness the deployment of police personnel on points marked by the Maharashtra Tourism Corporation (MTDC). This is done to ensure tourists don’t stop for sighting waterfalls or taking selfies. When its safe to travel again then here are few places in Maharashtra you can have a gala time.