Top 10 Travel Inspired Movies For The Romantic Monsoon Mood

by Mrunal Mahajan
Top 10 Travel Inspired Movies For The Romantic Monsoon Mood

I know it’s gloomy outside and all you want to do is order comfort food, curl up in your bed and watch a romantic movie outside while it is pouring outside. We are all sailing in the same boat, hop in. Bollywood has some cliche mainstream movies that I absolutely want to ignore and jump right into some good movies with a great story.


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This is that one movie which does not have a cliche plot and actually is something ‘hatke’. Their road trip from Bengaluru to Coorg was one beautiful journey. I actually felt like taking a road trip right then and there. This story takes a good time to establish the plot and the subtle romance is comforting. I like when films are not in your face and reveal everything directly but take their own sweet time to set the background. These kinds will always remain classic and away from the cliche Bollywood.

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2. Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta came was an exceptional film for a lot of reasons. The story was so relatable and especially around the time when there were movies like ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ which had a good story but zero reliability. It was also the first travel film that made us all want to go to Goa and especially with our friends.  The moral or the end of the story was beautiful and seeing the transition of Amir Khan’s character into a lover boy was just beautiful to watch.

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3. Tamasha
We like Deepika, we like Ranbir, we like to travel and now after watching this trip we also like Corsica. The story was again apart from the usual. You know, except for their travel I most loved the direction. The way we see Ranbir Kapoor’s character go from a jolly person in Corsica to a corporate slave in his town. What is common in all these movies is the fact that they are all feel good movies. I wouldn’t want to watch an action film when I am all curled up in my blanket and it is beautiful outside.

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4. Queen
This one will stay close to all the people who felt the need to break free and be on their own to recognise who they actually are! Through Rani’s journey, I also had a chance to touch upon things that I otherwise ignore like the support your family keeps giving you when you take difficult decisions. There is a lot of emotions you feel when you are watching this film. I remember crying when she gave him the ring back and set on to be her confident and independent self.

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5. Titanic
Oh, this one is a classic! A lot of people think ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ is the classic voyage film, but nothing beats Titanic. Breaking the class difference, Rose falls in love with Jack. Their love was so pure and magical, it made me tear up. There I was with a bowl of Maggi and my laptop looking at Rose and Jack and dreaming about my love!

6. Jab We Met
I may not be Geet, but I definitely want to run away and break free. Even when the movie was not based on travel, it inspired me and the urged me to push travel. I can go on about how lively the movie makes me feel and let’s also agree that Kareena and Shadi were a cute couple then. All the love I had for ‘Kheet’ (farms) doubled after the last scene.

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7. Before Sunset Trilogy
All three movies, before sunset, before midnight, and before sunrise have made love look so beautiful and inspired you to commit and be more emotionally involved. I know it can be rare to find someone who you instantly connect with, but damn son, imagine if that happens! Never ending conversations and effortless love is all we ever hope for.

8. The Darjeeling Limited
Have you explored India the way these three brothers do? I think we give very less or almost zero credit to India and how compassionate people are here. Through this movie, I realised that there is more to Indian than the crowded local trains and pollution.

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9. In Bruges
In Bruges totally changed my perspective of looking at Belgium. Even though the film is not even closely related to travel or monsoon, it still makes me watch it when it is raining and I am up for a quirky story with the most amazing cinematography. I am stunned at how amazing a city with old architecture can look! Burges is a must visit international destination on my bucket list.

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10. ZNMD – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Hey, don’t judge me for keeping this for the last. I liked the movie until everyone else fell in love with it. I am all up for a road trip, a trip around the world with three friends, but if everyone else is going then I am not doing it. But I will agree that it is one of the most beautiful movies of recent time.


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