Delhi-Jaipur In 2Hr: Nitin Gadkari Says He Wants Delhites To Eat Jaipur’s Kachori

Nitin Gadkari talks about how the time taken to travel to Delhi from Jaipur will be reduced to two hours only via electric cable highway.

by Shreya Ghosh
Delhi-Jaipur In 2Hr: Nitin Gadkari Says He Wants Delhites To Eat Jaipur’s Kachori

Travel enthusiasts living in Delhi are quite lucky when it comes to taking trips to nearby destinations and enjoying serene getaways. From deserts to alluring hill stations, there are so many beautiful locations that are just some hours away from the national capital. Well, the great news is that the journey time between Delhi and Jaipur will soon be covered in just 2 hours, stated Nitin Gadkari.

Travelling Between Delhi & Jaipur By The Road Will Be Completed In 2 Hours Soon

Nitin Gadkari
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Recently, the Union Road and Transport Minister stated that the time taken to travel to Delhi from Jaipur will be reduced to two hours only. And it is possible with the government’s plan to construct an electric cable highway. With the completion of the epic and advanced cable highway, passengers will travel to Delhi in only 2 hours from Jaipur. Not only will the travel time be decreased, but people can also experience sitting in business class and complete the journey on the road.

There are a lot more in the store for travellers. The Union Road and Transport Minister also stated on Thursday that the ticket fare on this journey will be lesser than a diesel bus. In comparison to diesel buses, it will cost 30 per cent less to travel between Delhi-Jaipur using the electric highway. It can be expected that travelling on this highway will be enhanced, hassle-free, smooth, and also less time-consuming.

Electric cable highways are an innovative option coming up in different places around the world. Back in the year 2018, Sweden became the first country in the world to launch an electrified road. The primary purpose of the energy-efficient road is to supply electricity and charge the batteries of vehicles on the go. Germany introduced this fascinating concept of electrical highways in the year 2019.

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Here’s What Nitin Gadkari Has To Say About The Highway

Nitin Gadkari
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Travelling to new places is not just about visiting tourist destinations and exploring all around. A significant part of going to places is to enjoy local dishes and culinary experiences. Delhi is famous for so many food items and ice cream is one of them. On the other hand, Jaipur in Rajasthan is famous all around the country for its yummy kachoris. Nitin Gadkari further stated how he wants Delhites to visit Jaipur and eat Kachori and the people of Jaipur to eat ice cream in the national capital city.

While talking about the Centre’s plans to construct electric cable highways, the Union Road and Transport Minister also added how journalists laughed after hearing about the reduction of travel time from Delhi to Meerut back in the day, according to a report by India TV News. Now, people can easily travel between Delhi and Meerut in just 45 minutes. He also shared how people come to Delhi from Meerut to enjoy the famous ice cream.

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It takes almost 5 hours on the road to cover around 270 km and travel between Delhi and Jaipur now. Have you taken a road trip on this route before?

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