Delhi Man Sells Home Food For ₹40 On Street After Losing Job In 5-Star Hotel

by Suchismita Pal
Delhi Man Sells Home Food For ₹40 On Street After Losing Job In 5-Star Hotel

The nationwide lockdown during the first wave of the pandemic had been a huge blow to businesses across many major industries. A large number of people in the hotel and food industry too lost their jobs. Balbir Singh from Delhi was also one of them. He was employed in the transport department of a 5-star hotel in the city on a contract basis. He was a cab driver at the hotel. During the first wave, the hotel had laid off many employees including Balbir. The next few months had been financially challenging for Balbir. Then he decided to turn his cooking hobby into a source of income. He started selling homemade food on his scooty at West Delhi’s Meera Bagh.

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He Sells Rajma, Chole And Kadhi With Rice At ₹40

According to a Times of India report, Balbir said that at his food stall, he sells rice, Rajma, Soya Chaap, Chole and Kadhi. Half plate rice with Rajma, Chole or Kadhi comes at ₹40 and a full plate costs ₹60. Per piece of Soya Chaap comes at ₹60. The dishes are reasonably priced and are thus within the reach of everyone. Balbir said that he has kept the prices low as many people are without jobs and enough salaries now. He makes around ₹300-400 in a day. Also, he decided to sell food on his scooty as he can take it anywhere and can manage without a helping hand. Balbir is known as Bitto among his locals and daily customers.


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He Gets Nearly 100 To 150 Customers In A Day

Balbir gets nearly 100 to 150 customers in a day. He sells the dishes from 12:30 PM to around 4:30 PM. He said that his food almost finishes by 3 to 3:30 PM. With the money earned, he pays for the education of his children and also fulfils other expenses like house rent, electricity bill and water bill. In Delhi, we often see vans selling rice and roti with curries at minimal costs on the roadsides. If you’re hungry on the go, grab a plate from them, as the little contribution you make might go a long way in making ends meet for a family whose story remains unheard.