Delhi Street Food Vendor Makes Dosa With Dollops Of Butter & Cheese; Leaves Internet Divided

by Sushmita Mahanta
Delhi Street Food Vendor Makes Dosa With Dollops Of Butter & Cheese; Leaves Internet Divided

Food often brings people together but lately, a viral video on butter dosa has left the internet divided! Yes, you heard it right. Recently a user on Reddit shared a video that shows a Delhi street food vendor whipping up a buttery gravy to go with his dosa tower. Some people were disgusted by the big chunks of butter added to the dosa while some others totally found the butter dosa appealing. Read on to know more about how a Delhi street food vendor’s dosa recipe is making people take sides!

Most Extreme Butter Dosa Tower By a Delhi Street Food Vendor

A viral video on Reddit is dividing netizens. Recently a user uploaded a video of a dosa recipe by a Delhi street vendor with the caption, “What’s the obsession with a stick of butter?”
The video opens up with the Delhi street food vendor almost adding a whole brick of butter to the dosa batter. Then comes the chopped onions right on top of the dosa batter that’s spread on the Tawa. There’s also an addition of green capsicum, some chunks of tomatoes, and lots of cheese. The Delhi vendor further adds a spoonful of Schezwan sauce, coconut chutney, and a dash of masala. Also, let’s not forget the mint Mayo, tandoori Mayo, and cream topping. The vendor then starts mashing all ingredients and adds a bit of tomato juice for acidity. He then torches the top of the dosa batter gravy after adding more butter and paneer. The mixture shifts to a clay pot and the vendor start making another plain dosa for the dosa tower. After it’s done, he goes ahead and sticks the dosa tower into the gravy in the clay pot and tops it up with more butter, cream, and coriander.
Well, the end product really looks delectable and yummy. Take a look:

Netizens React

We find the butter dosa by the Delhi street food vendor really appealing. But that’s not the case with everyone. Some netizens are disgusted after going through the viral video of the dosa. Again, a lot of others are also appreciating the hard work of the Delhi vendor in making the extreme dosa tower. Looks like the internet is left to take sides!

One user writes, “A small amount of mayo
(Proceeds to add half the bottle).” Another adds, “Mint mayo sounds absolutely appalling.” Then there’s someone who gives a positive perspective and writes, “Probably a mint chutney mixed with mayo. It’s a thing you see with bun kebabs and whatnot pretty regularly. It’s good!” A user points out about the extreme butter dosa being unhealthy and writes, “Dosa is made with least oil. This is done for clout. Every single stupid Indian food blogger’s main ingredients are cheese, butter. It’s cringe.”

Well, we will only say, ‘To each his own!’ Do let us know in the comments what are your thoughts on the extreme butter dosa tower by the Delhi street food vendor.

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