Delhi Turns Into A Pink Paradise With Bougainvillea Blooms And Here’s Where To Experience It!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhi Turns Into A Pink Paradise With Bougainvillea Blooms And Here’s Where To Experience It!

You all must be aware of the festival of  Cherry Blossoms in Japan. The sight is something to behold for life. But visiting the place every year won’t be feasible. But did you know you can enjoy this delightful scene of cherry blossom in Delhi too. Yes, the blossoming season of the year is here and you can experience Japan-like Cherry blossoms in Delhi at these places. 

1. Buddha Jayanti Park

There is a golden statue of the Buddha on a manmade island in Buddha Jayanti Park, an expansive, grassy park with a peaceful vibe. There are numerous bridges and paved walkways in this picturesque park, surrounded by a mesmerizing landscape. It is also home to some beautiful blooming flowers like the Bougainvillea. 

2. Lodhi Garden

When spring arrives at Lodhi Garden in Delhi, the two Bougainvillea trees never cease to amaze. Their location near a duck pond makes them a memorable sight. Their pink clothing makes them appear like friendly giants. You can see them transforming into the sets of some  Bollywood flick when you get close.

3. Hauz Khas Village Road

Delhi’s Hauz Khas neighbourhood consists primarily of the historic Hauz Khas Complex, which can be found in the heart of the neighbourhood. During medieval times, Hauz Khas village was renowned for its beautiful structures around the reservoir. While walking on the Hauz Khas village road you can spot Bougainvillea which is simply the most beautiful sight. 

4. Ridge Road

The Delhi Ridge, is in the Northern Aravalli leopard wildlife corridor in Delhi’s National Capital Territory. The Ridge acts as Delhi’s “green lungs,” which protect it from the hot winds of Rajasthan to the west. While on the way to the ridge you can spot beautiful and delightful sights of the Bougainvillea trees. 

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