Dentist Influencer Talks About Her Life’s Worst 10 Days In Thailand; Faces A Freak Accident

A dentist and travel influencer faced a horrible accident during her trip to Thailand.

by Shreya Ghosh
Dentist Influencer Talks About Her Life’s Worst 10 Days In Thailand; Faces A Freak Accident

Travelling and exploring new destinations is one of the most beautiful experiences of everyone’s lives. Unfortunately, these moments can get badly impacted because of some unexpected circumstances. Recently, an influencer from Los Angeles was on a holiday to Thailand and she faced some terrible experiences on this trip. From facing an accident to rushing to the ER, she came across a life-threatening time.

US Travel Influencer Faced The Worst 10 Days Of Her Life In Thailand

Taking to Instagram, Dr. Cara Hodgson, DDS, MS (@drhodgsonortho) shared how she had a freak accident on her Thailand trip.

We never know what we might face and experience in the very next moment and exactly the same thing happened with the dentist and travel influencer. She was electrocuted by power lines on this trip and blacked out after this freak accident. She was quickly taken to the ER to undergo treatment. Hodgson had to visit in and out of hospitals to get back her strength following the electrocution accident.

She fought for her life while spending the worst 10 days of her life in Thailand. “In the blink of an eye, it could all be taken away. Lucky to be here, in 2024. Life is so precious. One second you have it, the next second it can be taken away from you just like that”, the influencer shared. She further added, “I am so lucky to be here today”.

In a note, she shared how she received treatment in 4 hospitals. While journaling about this horrifying freak accident, she shared, “I am strong. I will get through this. I have to.” She also wrote, “I have so much more life to live, so much more love to give, so much of the world to see, and so many more smiles to make. I refuse to let it take me away from this beautiful world.”

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Netizens Are Praying & Sending Good Wishes

Picture credit- Instagram/ Dr. Cara Hodgson, DDS, MS (@drhodgsonortho)

Taking to the comments under the posts, her followers are praying and wishing for her good health and recovery. The influencer also thanked everyone for phone calls, voice messages, texts, flowers, breakfast deliveries, baked goods, chocolates, cards, support, and love.

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We are glad to hear about her recovery. Wish Hodgson heals soon!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Dr. Cara Hodgson, DDS, MS (@drhodgsonortho)

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