Influencer Shares Story Of Gujju Tourists Sharing Theplas At Phuket Airport; Netizens Totally Relate

by Shreya Rathod
Influencer Shares Story Of Gujju Tourists Sharing Theplas At Phuket Airport; Netizens Totally Relate

Gujaratis have an intense relationship with their food. They love having a fafda-jalebi breakfast and can’t go a day without the crispy khakras. Moreover, we are aware of the infamous Gujarati thali which offers a burst of flavours and includes rotla, Gujarati kadhi and other mouth-watering dishes. Even when Gujaratis are travelling, they tend to carry food from home and often end up sharing it with other passengers. Freddy Birdy shared his experience of travelling with Gujju tourists and sharing theplas!

Freddy Birdy Shares His Experience Of Travelling With Gujju Tourists


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Influencer Freddy Birdy, shared a post on Instagram describing his experience of travelling with the Gujjus. In his post, he writes that he was travelling from Phuket to Delhi via Bangkok. However, the flight was delayed for some reason. He was at the airport and was surrounded by Gujaratis who were constantly talking in Gujarati. Since he could understand the language but not speak it, he understood what they were saying.

A woman seated next to him had unlocked numerous steel tiffin cartons. They contained a variety of homemade goodies that he had envisioned would be transported from India to Thailand, and finally back home. There were theplas, round and crisp and perfectly oiled to keep them from drying out.

There were big, marinated green chillies and fresh coriander sprigs scattered on top of yellow dhoklas embellished with rye seeds. Bite-size portions were to be consumed in succession. Little jars of hot garlic pickles and sweet mango pickles were also there.

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The leader of the family opened all the steel boxes and presided over this magnificent makeshift snack station. The purpose behind this is to avoid eating non-vegetarian food when travelling, especially if you happen to consume something non-vegetarian by accident.

Sharing Food With Strangers

gujjus travelling
Credits: Freddy Birdy/ Instagram

When she noticed that he was seated close to the group, a nice woman approached and gave him one on a paper serviette. “No, no!” he objected, claiming that he didn’t belong in the sizable group. She said, bluntly and simply, “Now you are,” and then she topped the thepla with some pickles. Later, paper cups of tea were scattered about, to be softly blown onto and drunk carefully.

And it occurred to me how simple it would be to live in a society without borders, where people can easily share a snack and a few smiles with total strangers, and where love has the power to drive out hatred. only if we let it to.

Netizens can’t agree more with the influencer and start sharing their own experiences. One of the users shared that no matter where you locate them, Gujjus are the same everywhere in the world. Food is the key to establishing a relationship with them since they have an innate ability to connect instantly with humans. A human connection!

Another one wrote, “I was on a Goa ferry tour with a Gujarati family who were ecstatic to to be having alcohol on the ship. I stayed out of the way, but when we spotted a dolphin someplace, the refreshments appeared and they gave everyone on the ship some delicious gathiya, beer, and eventually, an old monk! Even the hardest hearts can be warmed by the unexpected generosity of strangers.”

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Comment below and tell us if you had a similar travelling experience.

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