Desi Dad’s EPIC Cooking Instruction While Placing An Order Goes Viral, Netizens Say ‘Bas Itni Pohoch Chahiye’

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Desi Dad’s EPIC Cooking Instruction While Placing An Order Goes Viral, Netizens Say ‘Bas Itni Pohoch Chahiye’

Food delivery apps have surely made our lives super easy, as we can get our food delivered anywhere at any time. What makes it even cooler are the features like special cooking instructions or preferences that we can add to make our meal more customized. One such cooking instruction is making the rounds on social media. It is a screenshot that features a desi dad’s epic instruction; take a look.

Desi Dad’s Epic Cooking Instruction Goes Viral

We are sure you all must have added a cooking instruction while ordering your meal from Swiggy, Zomato, or any other food delivery app. As we all know, our parents, the OG cuties, are not that well-versed with the new technology but are so enthusiastic to learn it. But what is more cute is how they use this technology in the most innocent way.

A father ordered food for his family from a food delivery app during the weekend, and his daughter posted the screenshot online. He ordered some snacks, which included Paneer Tikka rolls, and then added the craziest cooking instructions. 

He wrote “Sandeep ko bolna bittu ka order hai, Jaldi kara dega”, which simply translates to Tell Sandeep that this is Bittu’s order; he will get it done faster. 

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Social Media Users Are So Impressed

The screenshot from a food delivery app that featured this cute and crazy cooking instruction was posted by @pachtaogaybro. She posted this screenshot on X, which was formerly known as Twitter. The post has by far garnered over 207.3K views and over 4,600 likes. 

Netizens reacted to the post and were thoroughly impressed with Bittu’s uncle’s contacts. Some of the netizens wrote how they too wish to have such a reach, just like this dad. One user said that he cannot even ask his mess person to add salt to the food, and here her dad is such a legend.

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