Devastating Flash Floods & Landslides Hit Nepal; 47 Dead, Many Missing Amid Torrential Rains

The country is facing another devastating natural disaster.

by Tejashee Kashyap
Devastating Flash Floods & Landslides Hit Nepal; 47 Dead, Many Missing Amid Torrential Rains

Nepal is known for its majestic Himalayan mountains and rich cultural heritage. The country is facing another devastating natural disaster. Heavy monsoon rains have triggered flash floods and landslides, resulting in the tragic loss of 47 lives and leaving many others missing.

Nepal Hit By Disastrous Flood Situation

47 people have died in Nepal in the last 36 hours as a result of landslides and flash floods caused by heavy rains that also blocked important highways and roads. People were reported missing, either buried by landslides or carried away by floods. The Koshi River in southeast Nepal was overflowing at its danger level. The river regularly causes devastating floods in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. According to officials, the western rivers’ Narayani, Rapti, and Mahakali flows were also increasing.

Several rivers in Kathmandu’s hilly surroundings have overflowed, flooding roads and submerging numerous homes. Images in the local media showed individuals emptying their homes with buckets or wading through waist-deep water. Since the beginning of the yearly monsoon rains in mid-June, at least 50 people have perished in landslides, floods, and lightning strikes around Nepal.  The recent heavy rains have been particularly severe, with torrential downpours causing rivers to overflow and unstable slopes to give way. Villages have been inundated, homes destroyed, and vital roadways blocked by debris. Even, rescue operations are extremely challenging.

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Landslides Are In

Nepal’s challenges with natural disasters are not unique. Every year, the South Asian monsoon rains, which last from June to September, cause enormous amounts of death and destruction; nevertheless, in recent times, the number of deadly floods and landslides has surged.

According to experts, the issue is getting worse due to climate change and more road building. Heavy rain has been falling in several parts of Nepal since Thursday, and as a result, the country in the Himalayas has issued a flash flood warning for many of its rivers. There have been reports of flooding in several lowland districts that border India.

The recent flash floods and landslides in Nepal highlight the ongoing vulnerability of the country to natural disasters. The loss of lives and the suffering of affected communities are stark reminders of the need for sustained efforts.

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