DGCA To Take Action Against 2 Air India Delhi-Leh Flight Pilots For Inviting A Lady In Cockpit!

by Shreya Rathod
DGCA To Take Action Against 2 Air India Delhi-Leh Flight Pilots For Inviting A Lady In Cockpit!

An incident took place on an Air India flight where the pilot was grounded for inviting his lady friend in the cockpit and severe action was taken against him. A similar incident took place on the Air India Delhi-Leh flight where two pilots invited a lady pilot friend in the cockpit. Here’s what exactly happened on the Delhi-Leh flight.

Two Air India Pilots Invited A Lady Pilot Friend In The Cockpit!

air india pilots delhi-leh flight
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On June 3, 2023, while flying a flight between Delhi and Leh, two Air India pilots welcomed a female companion into the cockpit. As a result, they were removed from active duty. Although the lady is an Indian Air Force pilot, it is against the law for anyone who is not a crew member to be present in the cockpit. Especially when the aircraft is flying over a dangerously high altitude like Leh!

In contrast to previous instances, the airline swiftly reported the incident to the regulator on June 4. As a result, both Air India and the regulator have concluded their investigations. The regulator will now send the two pilots show cause notices.

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The Airline To Take Action

air india pilots delhi-leh flight
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According to a Times Of India report, the Air India spokesperson stated that the company has a ‘Just Culture’ approach. It means they share accountability and the organisation is accountable for the system’s operation and the behaviour of their employees in a just and fair manner. He said that the airline has a zero-tolerance stance for willful violations of the rules. The consequences of such violations are severe, and individuals who violate the rules will face sanctions.

This is the second incident in less than three months that Air India pilots have come under fire for inviting a female companion aboard while the flight was in operation. The pilots had invited a guest inside the cockpit on February 27, 2023, as they were flying a flight from Dubai to Delhi. Following an investigation, the DGCA had their pilot’s licence suspended for three months and penalised Air India ₹30 lakh for failing to respond quickly.

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Additionally, the regulator had instructed the airline to take action against the ‘friend’ who was travelling as staff on duty.

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