Ditch Bangkok & Shop From These Stunning Floating Markets In India

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Ditch Bangkok & Shop From These Stunning Floating Markets In India

You might have heard about beautiful floating markets in Bangkok. Floating markets came into existence for the communities that stayed on the riverside. This is why Thailand too has floating markets. The experience of buying things in a floating market is very different and amazing. India is also the home to three floating markets, here are they:

1. Patuli Lake, Kolkata

In South Kolkata, Patuli Lake is a 2400 square meters water body that has been transformed into a floating market. It accommodates about 114 boats and hosts about 250 shops selling fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, fast food and tea. The beauty of this place simply doubles up at night. The place is very well maintained and clean. The two walkways help people to get from one section to another.

2. Dal Lake, Kashmir

Kashmir is famous for its snow-capped mountain, mesmerizing scenic beauty, houseboats and its floating vegetable market. The floating market in Srinagar is India’s first floating market is on the Dal lake. This colourful market is set against the backdrop of Pir Panjal range and is called a photographer’s heaven. One has to reach early morning when vendors begin their day with vegetables and fruits around the Shikaras. They also sell jewellery and other such items.

3. Triveni, Kerala

God’s own country, which is famous for its beautiful backwaters, also has a floating shopping mall. This shopping mall is in the low lying area Kuttanadu area of the Alazupha district. It is a state government-owned market. You will find a lot of things to shop for like groceries to stationeries. You can also try the local food served there.

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