Ditch The Crowds And Get Durga Puja Feels At The Best Bengali Restaurants In Delhi

bengali restaurants
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 945

Are Durga Puja pandals too crowded for your liking? That in no way means you have to give up on Bengali food when everybody is raving about it. Pujo is in our hearts not out there in pandals. You can celebrate Maa Durga’s victory from anywhere, and we have the perfect Bengali restaurants for the best food in Delhi.

1. Lavaash by Saby

Picture Credit: Lavaash

This beautiful restaurant in Delhi’s most posh place does nothing simple. Their Bengali food is served with an Armenian twist. The best options are Lavaash Fish and Eggplant Tolma. End the meal with the best coconut ice cream in town right here.

Where is it: Mehrauli

2. Suruchee

Picture Credit: Zomato

Humble and authentic, such simple Bengali restaurants will transport you home to your mom’s kitchen, even if she’s not Bengali. The food is best suited for Breakfast. Their Fish Fry and Mourola Maccher Chorchori are finger licking good.

Where is it: Janakpuri

3. Hi Kolkata

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Their service will make you feel at home. Their food is rich in flavour so you can enjoy the pujo far away from it. They’re one of the best Bengali restaurants to try new dishes. Their Kosha Mangsho was better than pujo food for sure.

Where is it: Dwarka

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4. Bijoli Grill

bengali restaurants

Picture Credit: Zomato

The Bangla state canteen is our top choice for the best Bengali restaurants. Bangla Bhawan is the best place to get in the pujo feel with probashis all around you. The waiters will help you out with suggestions to your liking if you’re a newbie here.

Where is it: Barakhamba Road

5. DomDom Biryani

Picture Credit: Zomato

This is one of the best Bengali restaurants because everybody loves biryani. More importantly, everybody loves home delivery. Celebrate pujo at home with friends or Netflix and order the festivities to your doorstep.

Where is it: South Ex-II

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6. Mother India

bengali restaurants

Picture Credit: Zomato

Dip your foot in Bengali restaurants with all the other cuisines as your backup. This place will bring you a taste of any festival at any time with great service, food and ambience in the centre of the city.

Where is it: Connaught Place

7. Bhaat.in

bengali restaurants

Picture Credit: bhaat.in















In the depths of Noida, one of the best Bengali restaurants rests silently. Avoid the traffic and visit this restaurant or just order online. They have another outlet in Karol Bagh serving festivals in little packages.

Where is it: Sector 110, Noida

8. Amar Shonar Bangla

bengali restaurants

Picture Credit: Zomato

Walk through the pujo feels and also ditch the pandal lines. Buy the little horns, eat jhaal mudi and head to one of the best Bengali restaurants for main course. It’s bang in the middle of all the action waiting for you with great food.

Where is it: Market Number 2, CR Park

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Durga Puja is alluring and enticing. But, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. You know what is? Bengali restaurants. If you have tried Bangla food, then you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t then what in the world have you been doing?

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