DJ Marshmello Makes A Sandwich; Gordon Ramsay Reacts To It & Suggests To Stick To His Day Job

Gordon Ramsay and his reactions will always be iconic!

by Shreya Ghosh
DJ Marshmello Makes A Sandwich; Gordon Ramsay Reacts To It & Suggests To Stick To His Day Job

We can never discuss world-renowned chefs without mentioning Gordon Ramsay; such is his supremacy. Be it his restaurants or cooking videos or his responses to other cooks’ recipes, he has always been an icon and a significant name in his profession. This time, he shared his reactions to a cooking video of none other than DJ Marshmello and we are simply ROFL.

Gordon Ramsay Has The Most Epic Responses To DJ Marshmello’s Cooking


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The chef often takes to social media platforms to react to cooking content. Be it any video of celebrities or something interesting, his reactions often surprise and entertain us more than the actual cooking video. This time, Gordon shared his views of a sandwich-making video of DJ Marshmello and he gave the American music producer and DJ some suggestions as well.

The video began with DJ Marshmello preparing meat for the sandwich. He cooked the meat with some salt in a pan and then put it in an oven. In the next step, he chopped up some mushrooms. Seeing the chopping skills he reacted, “good handwork”. Next, the DJ put some butter on a pan and saute the chopped mushrooms. Gordon’s epic comment was, “Can spin a disc and sautee mushrooms”.

Gordon watched all the steps followed by DJ Marshmello to make the sandwich and shared his views as well. While he enjoyed some, he was not fascinated seeing every step in this recipe. Once he layered all the yummy food items to make a sandwich, Ramsay responded by saying it was looking good. Wait, there’s more to the chef’s reactions. His last response to the DJ’s cooking video is the funniest. “Not bad but stick to your day job”, said Gordon.

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Netizens Are Loving The Video!

Gordon Ramsay
Picture credit- Instagram/ Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram)

More than cooking, Gordon’s reactions to dishes cooked by others often grab our attention. Looks like Netizens are having a fun time watching this viral video. Gordon is known for sharing the most epic views and interesting reactions and his suggestion to the DJ sticking to his day job is simply the funniest.

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Well, what do you think of this sandwich?

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