Dosa With A Mexican Touch? This Street Food Vendor Prepared Mexican Dosa & Netizens Disapprove

by Sanmita A
Dosa With A Mexican Touch? This Street Food Vendor Prepared Mexican Dosa & Netizens Disapprove

We, Indians, have loved food with a twist and offbeat preparations. Be it Chinese or Arabic preparations, Indians have ensured to give their own twists to cuisine from different parts of the world. But, if we are doing this, there are a few who are creating different versions of Indian authentic cuisine too. And, the traditionalists are probably not liking it. Recently, a video of dosa, cooked in the Mexican way has gone viral. Dosa, which is a loved and comfort food for the majority of Indians, has gone through some real change too. Here we are discussing about the latest Mexican dosa trend and people’s reactions to it.

Mexican Dosa & Why Are People Cribbing About it?

There are several versions of dosa available in Indian restaurants today. Starting from the classic masala dosa to pizza dosa, name the kind & you will find available. Considering the fact that street food vendors are coming up with innovative ideas to jazz up Indian traditional cuisine, the Mexican dosa is a similar attempt. A video went viral after a food account from Delhi showed dosas with loads of fillings. As they unwrapped the dosa, the filling was not mashed potatoes, but sliced capsicum, onions and tomatoes. This seemed, unlike the usual dosa to many on the internet.

Take a look at the video here.

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Is The Internet Pleased With This ‘Healthier’ Version Of The Dosa?

The Mexican dosa quite frankly didn’t please the Netizens. While some were amused with the creativity of the food vendors, others found it a healthier version of this South Indian comfort food. A few said that nothing could beat the original version of the dosa with mashed potatoes or Masala Dosa. Well, we too, agree that nothing can beat the OGs. But is bringing a twist to food by combining foods from other parts of the world a good deal?

Mexican Dosa
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What do you feel about this version of the dosa, Mexican style which has gone viral on the Internet?