Drop Your Lahaul Plans, It Is Closed For 50 Days. Here’s Why

by Shreya Rathod
Drop Your Lahaul Plans, It Is Closed For 50 Days. Here’s Why

Among other places in Himachal Pradesh, Lahaul Valley holds a staggering view and is a popular tourist destination to visit. However, Sissu is a whole other dream for backpackers and travellers. Being a gateway to three precious locations, this tiny village offers a beautiful sight of glaciers and is known for adventure activities and the traditional Lahaul lifestyle. But, according to recent news, this little hamlet is shut to tourists for the next fifty days and here is why.

Lahaul Valley’s Sissu Closed For Tourists

Sissu Lahaul Valley
Credits: Wikimedia

Known for its adventure activities, Sissu is a must-visit for every backpacker. However, locals in this village have decided to close their tourism business for the next fifty days. Sissu is home to Lahaul Valley’s deity Raja Ghepan. But due to the Atal Tunnel, it has risen as a tourist spot and a reason for a growing number of hotels and homestays. Since it is an important religious place, this growing tourism site sometimes becomes a nuisance for locals. This year, their solution is to close the place for tourists and celebrate their local festival with no disturbance. According to residents, their faith is more important than business.

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Halda Festival Of Valley

Lahaul Valley
Credits: Wikimedia

The Halda Festival— starting on January 15— is why tourism is closed in this area. Moreover, the gram panchayat of Sissu village has passed a directive that hotels, guest houses, and homestays will not take any bookings till the 28th of February, 2023. Also, they have asked the police and administration in this area to cooperate. Further, the gram panchayat state that they need total silence to carry on their procession, and the place will be a tourist-free zone for a few days.

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In fact, they don’t believe that tourists will face any inconvenience since Sissu is surrounded by snowfall-affected areas and gets disconnected from the rest of the world. Only after fifty days, locals will resume normal activities and businesses.

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