Dubai Becomes The Most-Prefered Holiday Destination For Indians

by Ishita Agarwal
Dubai Becomes The Most-Prefered Holiday Destination For Indians

The entire aviation industry was severely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, which put everything on pause. According to the statistics, two of the top 20 international air travel routes from India to Dubai were active in May 2019. According to statistics released by aviation analytics company Cirium, it has since multiplied as 7 of 20 international air travel routes went to Dubai from India in May 2022. 

Emirates Has Played A Major Role Which Made Dubai Prefered Holiday Destination For Indians 

A lot of traffic was to the European Union, Russia, and North America by Emirates, one of the first airlines to use its maximum capacity on flights to India. International travel had been considerably reduced by Covid-19 between the start of 2020 and this year. Airlines worldwide have mainly resumed their international flights since their effects are lessening. 

With 301 flights in May 2019, Kolkata to Dhaka was India’s busiest foreign flight route. Mumbai-Dubai, with 406 flights, was the busiest foreign route in India in May 2022. Furthermore, with 332 flights, Delhi-Dubai was the second busiest international route in May 2022.  

The statistics indicated that in May 2022, there were 167, 152, 136, 133, and 131 flights on the Cochin-Dubai, Hyderabad-Dubai, Chennai-Dubai, Bengaluru-Dubai, and Calicut-Dubai routes. It said that the top 20 international air travel connections linking India in May 2022. However, included seven trips to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) city. 



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Other Destinations That Indians Are Preferring 

While there were four India-Kuala Lumpur flights among the top 20 routes in May 2019. Moreover, there were none, according to Cirium’s data for May 2022. According to the data, Chennai-Colombo had 183 flights in May this year, making it the third busiest foreign flight route from India. Cochin-Dubai was the fourth busiest route, with 167 flights. 

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