Dubai Has A New Quranic Park And Entry Is FREE For All


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Dubai, listen up! There’s a new park in town and its absolutely FREE for all! Located in Al Khawaneej, the Quranic Park gives an insight into the holy book of Quran.

What’s It?

You might have experienced a whole lot parks in Dubai-ones that let you take a stroll, jog, cycle and even pitch a tent and enjoy a family picnic.

Launched on 29 March, the Quranic Park aims to give visitors a deeper insight into the teachings in the Holy Quran. Plus, it’s FREE for all visitors.

Credits: Gulf news

Credits: Gulf news

Docked in Al Khawaneej, the park boasts a 60 hectare Islamic Garden, which is home to a whole lot of plants mentioned in the Islamic scriptures. The Quran park also has an enviable horticulture- decked with a desert garden, an Andalusian garden and a row of solar trees, inspired from Arabic art and design. Apart from providing shade from the scorching sun, the solar trees are also equipped with sockets for charging mobile phones and Wi-Fi capabilities. How cool is that!

Credits: Gulf news

Credits: Gulf news

The park also has a cave of miracles, which uses latest technology to explain to visitors the seven miracles listed in the Quran. And while you are soaking in all the miracles from Quran, kids can while away time at a dedicated play area, hang around in the outdoor theatre or take a stroll along the running, cycling or walking tracks.

What Else?

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Presidential palace is now open to the public and we are sure you are already planning a trip. However, before you head out, here’s a little information on what to expect once you are inside the palace.

Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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