Durga Puja: Why Is Durga Maa Served Khichuri Or Khichdi, A Simple Rice Dish?

by Shreya Rathod
Durga Puja: Why Is Durga Maa Served Khichuri Or Khichdi, A Simple Rice Dish?

Durga Puja holds a significant place in the hearts of Indians and it is the celebration of the divine source of cosmic energy. The celebration of Durga Puja is already being celebrated with the construction of pandals, the decorating of streets, and several cultural events. The Durga Puja ‘bhog’ is a crucial component of this festival, in addition to the lavish celebration and decorations, in which Khichuri or Khichdi is served!

Durga Puja Bhog Consists Of Khichuri Or Khichdi!

Khichuri or khichdi durga puja
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Bhog is a tradition that has only existed for two centuries, and the original dish didn’t even resemble what is being offered in the pandal. Back then, the preparation was likewise very religious and followed a certain set of rules. According to legend, the Bhog wasn’t always a vegetarian and the thali would frequently include fish and meat.

Why did Khichuri appear on the menu, then? As the goddess’s gift, the one-pot dish khichdi represents adoration for the initial fruits of agricultural labour—the freshly harvested rice and grain. Another interpretation of khichdi as Maa Durga’s bhog is that it offers a defence against illnesses. Traditional nutritional medicine has long revolved around a portion of easily digestible food, such as khichdi, for quick recovery from illnesses and for balancing all three “doshas,” that is vata, pitta, and kapha.

The Charaka Samhita claims that khichdi has cooling and drying properties, rests the digestive system, guards against ulcers and acidity, and strengthens the liver. It makes sense why it has been referred to as a detox food that purifies the body. Khichdi activates the digestive energy (agni), enabling the body to absorb nutrients and eliminate impurities (ama).

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A Delish One-Pot Dish

Khichuri or khichdi for durga puja
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Many people seem to think that the festival’s size has only gotten larger. The one-pot dish khichuri is simple to prepare, delicious, and popular with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Additionally, it makes financial sense to provide this supper to an entire group.

The distinctive smokiness of the Bhoger khichuri is well known. Before being added to the cooking pot, the lentils are roasted. With a delicate Bengali spice blend called “Paanch phoron,” the khichdi is prepared with desi ghee. This nutritious dinner is served with labra, a dish made of potatoes, pumpkin, and other gourd vegetables. It makes perfect sense because the majority of Bengali culinary practices are in sync with Ayurveda.

Other Things Served In A Bhog

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1. Chorchori

The recipe closely reflects the values of a middle-class Bengali family. A middle-class Bengali family values eating well and healthfully without being a costly one. A chorchori fits well since it has a lot of vegetables that are prepared in excess for everyone. It also tastes great, is healthy, is cheap, and cooks quickly.

2. Tomato Chutney

A mouthwatering dip made with tomatoes, oil, and panch phoron is called Bengali tomato chutney. This recipe, which can be prepared in a matter of minutes, is ideal for novice cooks who don’t want to attempt anything complicated.

3. Payesh

Payesh is a traditional Bengali treat, and it is difficult to imagine any important event or festival without this sweet delight! It is one of Bengal’s most popular dessert recipes and is here to assert its dominance. This sweet pudding made from rice embraces all kinds of festivities and celebrations, making them even more joyous and ecstatic than before.

4. Beguni

A typical Bengali food called beguni comes from the Bengal region. It is made of sliced aubergine that is battered with gram flour before being deep-fried or cooked in oil. Assam and Tripura, two states in eastern India, are also big fans of this cuisine.

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