DXB Receives 41.6 M Passengers In The H1 Of 2023, Surpassing Pre-Pandemic Levels

by Anupriya Mishra
DXB Receives 41.6 M Passengers In The H1 Of 2023, Surpassing Pre-Pandemic Levels

Dubai International Airport has constantly been regarded as the world’s busiest airport. And it’s expected to be a busy few days once again as many UAE residents are returning during the coming days from their summer break at international destinations ahead of the schools reopening for a new academic year. And talking about the impressive traffic of travellers transiting through DXB, Dubai Airport recently released a report that showed promising numbers. Yes, according to the report, DXB surpassed its pre-pandemic levels by welcoming 41.6 million guests. Here’s more about this travel report!

DXB Welcomes 41.6M Guests In First Half

Dubai Airport recently shared that the Dubai International Airport has achieved a significant milestone in its bid of recovering from the Covid era.  The airport has managed to surpass its 2019 pre-pandemic levels by welcoming 41.6 million passengers in the first half of 2023. Regarded as the world’s busiest international hub, this traffic is just over 100 per cent as compared to the first six months of 2019. As it happens, May was the busiest month for Quarter 2 as there were 6.9 million guests who made a transit through the airport. However, March was the busiest month as 7.3 million passengers were welcomed at the airport.

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85 M Guests Project For The Year

It is expected that with the robust numbers, the DXB might receive 85 million travellers, which is just 16% short of its annual traffic in 2019. In case you’re wondering, India happens to be a top destination country in terms of traffic with 6 million guests from the nation recorded in the first half. So, the other countries that propelled traffic at the airport include –

  1. Saudi Arabia with 3.1m guests
  2. United Kingdom with 2.8m guests
  3. Pakistan with 2m guests
  4. U.S.A. with 1.8m guests
  5. Russia with 1.3m guests
  6. Germany with 1.2m guests

It should be noted that the top cities included London with 1.7 million guests, Mumbai with 1.2 million passengers, and Riyadh with 1.2 million travellers. And it should be noted that DXB is connected to more than 250 destinations spread across 104 countries!

With more than 90 airlines servicing travellers, it’s not surprising that Dubai received such brilliant numbers.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/dxb