E-Visa Made Easy, Facility For Travelling To India Restored For Canadians

by Tooba Shaikh
E-Visa Made Easy, Facility For Travelling To India Restored For Canadians

E-visa is one of the easiest ways to get entry into any given country. It is relatively hassle-free and easier to obtain than your regular visa. Good news for all Canadian passport holders travelling to India, you can once again apply for an electronic visa to come to India. The Indian High Commission in Canada released a statement which specified the details of this process. Read on to find out more.

Canadians Travelling To India Can Apply For E-Visa Again

The High Commission of India in Ottawa released a statement on Twitter. It said that Canadian passport holders may now apply for an e-visa. This new facility is effective from the 20th of December, the same day the statement was released. Furthermore, it specifies certain other details about getting the e-visa. This facility is available to those who wish to travel to India for the purposes of business, medicine, conference, or tourism. To apply for an e-visa, you can go to https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html.

Those who do not qualify for the e-visa facility can apply for the physical visa at https://www.bisindia- canada.com/.

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Other Pointers Mentioned In The Statement

The statement mentioned several other important pointers. It said that candidates should wait for the issuance of the visa if they have applied for it through the BLS centres. The processing of these visa applications will be done on priority. It also said that those who wish to withdraw their application from the BLS Centres in order to apply for the e-visa should do so as soon as possible so that the vacated slots can be allotted to other applicants.

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