EasyJet Edinburgh-Bound Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Liverpool As Passenger Faces Health Issues

by Shreya Shriyan
EasyJet Edinburgh-Bound Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Liverpool As Passenger Faces Health Issues

In-flight medical emergencies can be unpredictable and demand immediate attention. When a passenger experiences a sudden illness or injury at high altitudes, the active response of flight attendants on board becomes crucial. And in a similar manner, an EasyJet flight en route to Edinburgh had to land in Liverpool swiftly. Here’s what happened. 

Easyjet Flight To Edinburgh Makes Emergency Landing In Liverpool

During its journey, EasyJet’s Flight EZY312 en route to Edinburgh had to divert to Liverpool due to a medical emergency on board. The flight took off from London’s Stansted Airport at 5.20 pm on July 30. The diversion became necessary when a passenger required urgent medical care while flying over the Peak District, reported the Independent. 

According to reports, the plane sent an emergency alert as Flight tracker RadarBox reported. It made a sharp left turn to fly over Manchester before landing at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The reports also stated that EasyJet gave an official statement regarding the matter. In a statement, Easyjet confirmed that flight EZY312 from London Stansted to Edinburgh diverted to Liverpool. 

The diversion occurred because a passenger onboard needed urgent medical assistance. They also said that their passengers’ safety and well-being was their top priority. The airline’s online flight checker announced the arrangement of a second flight to transport passengers to Edinburgh. 

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They landed at their original destination at 8.20 pm, stated the report. 

Medical Emergency Forces Plane To Make Emergency Landing

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The Independent also reported that the airline’s website updated with an apology for diverting the flight to Liverpool. They claimed the disruption was beyond their control and considered it extraordinary

As per reports by Daily Record, The aircraft made a sudden turn and flew over Manchester before landing in Liverpool shortly after 6 pm. RadarBox, the flight tracker, showed an emergency alert was issued, leading to the plane’s forced diversion, stated the reports.

As per data collected by The Independent, the airline had cancelled 1,700 flights to and from its main base, London Gatwick, in July, August and September. The reports also stated that around 180,000 passengers were affected.

With 300,000 seats taken out of the summer market, the goal was to stabilise the operation, stated the report. 

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While medical emergencies are of course unavoidable, it does unfortunately affect a lot of other factors as well. Have you ever witnessed a situation like this while travelling on board? Let us know in the comments how your experience was. 

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (Representative Image)