Elderly Couple Selling Matki Bhel In Pune Get Help From Social Media

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by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1833

Street food in Pune is truly delicious. Right from Pani Puri, Vada Pav, Misal Pav to Matki Bhel, trotting along FC road and savouring street food, is surely on every foodie’s list. However, the coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the livelihoods of street food vendors across India. Stalls which usually witnessed huge crowds of people now lay bare. From Delhi’s Baba Da Dhaba, Kerala’s Parvathy Amma to Faridabad’s Chhanga Lal Baba, have all asked help from people to revive their stalls. Thanks to social media, people came out in large numbers to help these street vendors make their livelihoods. An elderly couple in Pune, selling Matki Bhel also sought help to revive their business. And they did get help and love from social media!

Matki Bhel Sellers From Pune Need Help TO Revive Their Business

An elderly Pune couple who sell Chivda Matki Bhel for ₹20 on Satara Road asked help through social media to help overcome massive losses. A Twitter user, Yogesh Kulkarni on October 14, tweeted a photo of the couple selling matki bhel. He put out a caption titled “Just like Delhi’s Baba ka Dhaba, here is another couple serving one of the best matki bhel only for ₹20. A setup with just minimum materials including their dabbas of farsan and sev.”

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Social Media Unites To Help The Elderly Pune Couple Selling Matki Bhel

Their heartwarming story and delicious matki bhel took the internet by storm. People commented, liked and shared their photo. And yet again social media, in this case, proved to be a boon for this elderly couple. Help, love and support poured out in large numbers for them. Punekars visited this stall and gorged on their sumptuous Chivda Matki Bhel for ₹20 on Satara Road. Well, there are plenty of ways you too can help street vendors thrive in your area. Firstly, visit their stalls and gorge on their food. Secondly, create awareness about them through word of mouth and social media.

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