Emirates Air Hostess Welcoming Her Toddler On Dubai-Bound Flight Is Too Cute!

by Shreya Ghosh
Emirates Air Hostess Welcoming Her Toddler On Dubai-Bound Flight Is Too Cute!

Social media is the perfect place to watch heartwarming videos that keep us in the loop all the time. Recently, such an adorable video of an Emirates air hostess went viral on Instagram. It is always a happy and emotional experience for air hostesses, cabin crew, and pilots when their families travel on the same flight. And the viral video is just about the same and it is winning the hearts of the netizens.

Emirates Air Hostess Welcomes Her Son On A Dubai-Bound Flight

A video of a cute interaction between a mother and her son is receiving a lot of love and going viral on the Internet. An Emirates air hostess uploaded the short clip on her Instagram handle @flygirl__trigirl. In the adorable video, we can see her welcoming her little son onboard. The toddler passes his boarding pass to his mother and both of them hugged tightly. And at the end, the baby boy waves at the camera with his mother. This endearing video of the mother-son duo is making quite some rounds on Instagram and is making a lot of traction as well. The air hostess uploaded the video captioning, ‘The biggest VIP I’ve ever had the pleasure of boarding, and fly back to Dubai’. The toddler is indeed the biggest VIP!

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Netizens Are In Awe After Watching The Video!

We are absolutely obsessed with this lovable video and how they exchanged a sweet hug at the end. We are watching the clip repeatedly and adoring the toddler. Netizens are obsessing over the video as well. Shared on 24 August on Instagram, this video currently has over 13K likes and more than 100 adorable comments.

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