Explore Some Of World’s Most Popular Heritage Sites From Your Home

by Jinal Inamdar
Explore Some Of World’s Most Popular Heritage Sites From Your Home

The summer of 2020 has proven to be quite different than expected. But as we continue to remain confined to our homes, there is a way to explore some of the most popular heritage sites from around the world.

1. Angkor, Cambodia 

Angkor in Cambodia has visualisations recreated by historians and archaeologists. A section of the virtualangkor.com has simulations that allows visitors to walk through the Angkor settlements, ride a boat down canals and marvel at the gorgeous Angkor Wat Temple. The 360 degree panoramic view enables you to look around the city as if you were living the moment.

2. Palaces & Forts Of Rajasthan 

Think of Rajasthan and the first thing coming to mind is intricately carved havelis, palaces and mighty fortresses. Head to Rajasthan tourism’s website to explore from a collection of over 30 sights that offer gorgeous views. Walk through the sprawling fort of Amber or go through the sundials from the Jantar Mantar in Jaipur. Stand at the white marble temples of Ranakpur and guess what, you can even play Holi, virtually!

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3. Sydney Opera House In Australia 

The 360° VR video on Sydney Opera House Archive’s YouTube channel allows virtual exploration of this iconic structure from within. As sun rises over Sydney’s harbour, this structure comes to life and you can pan around and walk to get an extravagant view. Climb up the majestic flight of steps, watch a live performance or just watch the city light up.

4. Gothic Structures In France & The UK 

Head to Mapping Gothic France to sightsee over 200 religious gothic structures from across France and the United Kingdom. Alongside photographs, panoramic views and virtual tours, each structure is marked on a map and categorised as per a historic timeline; so you can view and explore the buildings as per the chronology or according to how they were constructed.

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5. Tombs & Pyramids Of Egypt 

If pyramids and the tombs of Egypt leave you in awe, then you need to log into the tourism website of Egypt Ministry. Enjoy virtual walkthroughs of various sites across the country. Visit the Great pyramid of Giza and its various chambers showing bakers carrying food, or head to the Tomb of Queen Meresankh III, right from the comfort of your home.

6.  Machu Picchu In Peru 

With the help of 360° photography and 3D imagery on this website, teleport yourself to have a bird’s eye view of the Machu Picchu between the forests and gorgeous peaks. Get to know the story behind the construction of these tombs and structures all of which were meticulously constructed by one stone.

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7.   Japan 

Showcasing both the sublime and the quirky aspects of Japan all at once, this 360 degree VR video on Japan National Tourism Organization’s YouTube channel lets you walkthrough across the country in a matter of a few minutes. Begin by scaling the heights of Tokyo Tower, then walking through the hypnotic orange Tori-gates of Fushimi Inari Taisha before being dwarfed by the bamboos of Arashiyama.