These Iconic Aussie Puzzles Are Perfect For Every Traveller

by Kanika Sharma
by Kanika Sharma 114

We all have been looking at our travel photos and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Some of us continue to travel with virtual tours, while others have become an absolute pro at board games. How about we bring those together? Now, you will be able to piece together some of the most iconic locations and animals of Australia through a digital puzzle. And we bet that not only will these colourful collections brighten up your day, but you’ll also get to discover some interesting facts about them.

1. d’Arenberg Cube Puzzle

Let’s start with a puzzle of a building that was inspired by a puzzle too. The d’Arenberg Cube is a building that is inspired by the complexities and puzzles of wine-making. The cube-shaped building has five levels, each of which has a 360 degree video room. Along with that, they have a wine sensory room, a virtual fermenter and many other similar experiences that makes it a must-visit for a wine enthusiast. As you continue to plan that out, meanwhile, you can get your goblet and work on the d’Arenberg Cube puzzle. 

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2. Uluru Puzzle

Uluru, also known as, Ayers Rock is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. It is a massive sandstone monolith that is located right in the heart of the Northern Territory’s ‘Red Centre’. Uluru is considered to be a sacred space by indigenous Australians and is considered extremely spiritual by the Aboriginal people, the Anangu. Apart from activities like camel tour, a drive, or a dining experience under the stars, one of the most exquisite sites is watching the sunrise or sunset from here. It’s a moment from the outback Australia that you will need to experience at least once in your lifetime.

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3. Kangaroo Puzzle

Exploring Australia is incomplete without exploring its wildlife. If you don’t leave it out in your travel itineraries, then why leave it out in puzzles? Kangaroos have become a symbol of the country. They can be spotted around different regions in Australia and are an extremely friendly species. In fact, you will be able to spot kangaroos on some of Australia’s beaches as well that are located South of Sydney. Be it the grassy areas of the North Stradbroke Island or the white sands of Lucky Bay in Western Australia, they are easy to spot. Furthermore, if you aren’t scared of getting up, close and personal with them, you can do a tour of the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs.

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4. Sydney Puzzle

The two things that come to everyone’s minds when you say the word Sydney, are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you put every piece of this puzzle together, quite literally, you will see one of the most beautiful and popular locations in Australia come to life. The city is just as vibrant as the colors of the puzzle depict. Sydney is one of the largest cities of Australia, which is also home to the iconic Bondi Beach. It is located in New South Wales, which is one of the most visited states in Australia. And once you are here, locations like Hunter Valley Wine Region and the blue Mountains are just a drive away.

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5. The Great Barrier Reef Puzzle

Now that we have covered the most colourful place on land, why should we miss out on covering the most colourful place under water too? The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. Travellers, environmentalists, researchers and so many others come all the way to Australia to explore this 2,300 km long ecosystem. You can go island hopping across many coastal getaways such as Cairns, Airlie Beach, Hervey Bay, Mission Beach and Port Douglas; or get a chance to witness the gorgeous marine life by either going for a swim or snorkeling or a sail in these waters. But for now, let’s explore it through this amazing puzzle.

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