Falguni Pathak Plays A Fun Food Game With Kamiya Jani

Falguni Pathak loves to eat street food and gorged great Gujarati food with us.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Falguni Pathak Plays A Fun Food Game With Kamiya Jani

Falguni Pathak met us on this great episode of Tere Gully Mein with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani in Borivali, Mumbai, right before the Navratri festivities. We were aware that she is fond of food, especially Gujarati dishes. Hence, we were not going to miss out on having delicious Gujarati snacks with her. This was followed by a fun Gujju food game where she was able to guess every dish correctly.

Falguni Pathak Played A Game About Food Heads-Up

We played a fun and lighthearted game about Gujarati food. It was Heads Up with pictures of Gujarati food. While Kamiya had to explain the meals in the pictures, Falguni Pathak had to guess what the dish was. The first one, Kamiya’s explained it as a very well-liked food item Gujaratis always carry when they travel. After Falguni Pathak said, “Khakhra,” and Kamiya said no. So she responded, “Thepla.” Kamiya said yes and inquired what it was also known as and she replied, “Dhebra.” Thepla is actually called Dhebra in Gujarati. 

Next was one of Kamiya’s favourites and she said that it is just like a Khichdi, made with rice and oil and chilli powder sprinkled over it. Falguni could immediately guess that it was Khichu. Another dish that Kamiya explained flawlessly was Ghugra. She pointed out that Gujaratis have it during Diwali and rhymes with ghungroo. Falguni then had a little difficulty in guessing Chorafali. 

For the next one, Kamiya just asked her what Gujaratis call their dadi. To which she replied, ‘Baa’. The next hint was that the food item was a continuation of the word and Falguni replied, Basundi. They clearly had a lot of fun while playing this game and the food cards didn’t seem to end. There was more of this guessing and Falguni acing it.

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She Aced This Game Pretty Well

Falguni Pathak
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Next up, Falguni Pathak was holding a picture of Rotlo as Kamiya explained that it is made up of bajra and is best eaten with baingan ka bharta. It was time for Undhiyu and she had a little difficulty in guessing it and wanted a little help from the team behind the camera. Kamiya laughed and told her that it was okay to guess one incorrectly out of these. Falguni immediately said no, she would not. We love her spirit and Kamiya started to laugh out loud. 

She almost gave up but then slightly uttered Undhiyu and Kamiya exclaimed in affirmation. The next one was Patra and she guessed it in one go. That was the last Gujarati dish and she clapped it up for herself. Now, it was time to polish off all the food in front of them.

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