Farah Khan Has The Best Masala Chai Recommendation In London And We Desis Are Absolutely Stunned

by Shreya Rathod
Farah Khan Has The Best Masala Chai Recommendation In London And We Desis Are Absolutely Stunned

For most Indians, mornings start with a steaming cup of masala chai. The aroma of tea powder and spices boiling in water is enough to wake you up. And unlike the Brits, Indians love their chai with both milk and sugar. But if you are in London, Bollywood director and producer, Farah Khan knows how to get a cup of masala chai there!

Watch Farah Khan Get A Hot Cup Of Masala Chai In London!


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The Indian film director and producer, Farah Khan is in London visiting the cafes. And just like every Indian, she also loves a cup of masala chai. But where can you find a cafe or restaurant that serves one? Well, Farah Khan took to Instagram and shared a video where she mentioned how you can relish Indian chai in London.

The video starts with Farah Khan in a cafe and she informs us that she is in London. And when in London, you must do all things British! She further states that drinking tea is a British culture but being an Indian, she will show the Indian way of drinking tea.

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Then, she rips a packet of masala tea pouches and points out that you should always bring this kind of tea pouches whenever travelling out of India. She pours the content into the cup and asks for boiling water from the cafe staff (Psst… so that you don’t have to pay for milk!). After pouring hot water into the cup with dry ingredients for tea, your perfect cup of masala chai is ready!

Netizens Are Absolutely Stunned At This Jugaad

farah khan masala chai
Credits: Farah Khan/ Instagram

Netizens are stunned at this way of enjoying masala chai in London. Actress Aditi Rao Hydari replied with a laughing emoji. While Bhavana Pandey wrote that it’s the best tea at her house.

A user pointed out that it is the tea hack that all Indians try in the United Kingdom as English tea is not as tasty as the Indian one. Another user stated that this one is still better than the one you get on airlines and hotels.

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For many travellers, these pouches are a Godsend gift and they have been carrying them everywhere for their daily dose of masala chai.

Cover Image Courtesy: Farah Khan Kundra/ Instagram