Find Mumbai’s Ultimate 100% Fruit-Nut Pairing Shakes & Juices Here

by Vaishalee Kalvankar 391

Are you a fan of juices or milkshakes? Does a glass of a thick milkshake brighten your day? Are you too looking for a new and unique menu when it comes to fresh juices and shakes? Well, your search ends here! We have found a new and exciting place in Mumbai’s Charni Road that serves amazing and exquisite juices and shakes, with some of them being the perfect fruit-nut pairing.

Patil Juice Centre

Patil Juice Centre in Mumbai is a popular choice when it comes to fast food snacks and juices. The place serves some of the most exotic and exquisite juices, which you will surely not find anywhere else. They have juices that are named after Bollywood movies, fruit-nut pairings, and some that are topped with fresh fruits like berries, strawberries, and others.

Their well-known Pushpa Shake is a type of filmy special. The juice has layers and is topped with nuts and pieces of fresh kiwis and berries. Their shakes are some of the most unique ones in Mumbai. The taste of every shake and juice is unique and rich in flavour. The other most famous shake is the Bell Bottom Shake, which is served with pieces of strawberries, berries, ice cream, and loads of nuts.


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Combine Your Glass With Fast Food Snacks

This juice centre does not compromise on its quantity or quality. Kitkat delight, Redindian, Chennai express, Oreo delight, Dryfruit Dabangg, and Strawberry milkshakes are some of their most popular shakes. Their Bahubali special is without a doubt one of the most loaded drinks in Mumbai.

They also have fast food snacks served here. You can relish hot pizza, garlic bread, Kathi rolls, three cheese melting sandwiches, burgers, and so much more. Exotic juices with such mouth-melting snacks will surely blow your mind.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @patiljuicecentre/instagram