Firm Signs Exclusive Schengen Global Visa Outsourcing Contract For Slovakia; Here’s What It Means

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Firm Signs Exclusive Schengen Global Visa Outsourcing Contract For Slovakia; Here’s What It Means

Slovakia has secured an exclusive global visa outsourcing deal with BLS International Services Ltd. It is a leader in outsourcing services for governments and diplomatic missions in 18 countries, with more than 54 offices. 2.64 million tourists visited Slovakia in 2021, according to industry data, and it is anticipated that this figure will rise in line with travel trends. 

BLS International Signs Outsourcing Contract for Slovakia

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Due to their significant expertise in offering top-notch visa services, BLS International has the opportunity to cooperate with Schengen member nations. With the help of this new contract, BLS International will be in charge of providing national visa services in addition to tourist visas and business visas, all with the goal of streamlining immigration and travel processes.

Notably, this accomplishment adds a lot of Schengen nations to BLS International’s portfolio. By providing a variety of visa and consular services, the company already works with Schengen members such as

  • Hungary
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy

Slovakia’s involvement in this exclusive group enhances BLS International’s standing as a reliable partner for both governmental entities and visa applicants.

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Unwavering Commitment To Excellence

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Mr. Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director of BLS International Services Ltd., expressed their deepest gratitude to the Slovakians for choosing BLS International as their partner in the outsourcing of visas. 

This partnership demonstrates their unwavering dedication to providing effective, secure visa services as well as their unwavering commitment to excellence. In keeping up with the fundamental tenets of the Schengen Agreement, they are eager to improve everyone’s visa application process while also setting new standards for the sector.

They are eager to participate as Slovakia develops into a captivating and intriguing new travel destination that significantly contributes to the expansion of the tourist sector. Aggarwal says that this project is a wonderful fit with our guiding principles of excellence, effectiveness, and security.

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What is BLS International?

BLS International Services Ltd. has a wonderful reputation for setting standards in various areas. This includes visa, passport, consular, citizen, and e-governance. At the same time, attestation, biometrics, e-visa, and retail services have been available since 2005. The company is a dependable partner for governments and citizens in the world of tech-enabled services.

The business is listed on these various notable lists: “Fortune India’s Next 500 Companies,” “Best Under a Billion’ Company” by Forbes Asia, and “India’s Most Valuable Companies” by Business Today Magazine.

The organization uses technology and procedures that assure data security. It works with over 46 client nations, including diplomatic missions, embassies, and consulates. With a strong workforce of over 60,000 employees and associates, the company today has a vast network of more than 50,000 locations across the world that offer citizen, biometrics, and consular services. Over 220 million applications have been processed by BLS internationally so far.

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