Flying Back To India? The Air Suvidha Form Might Make Travel Difficult

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Flying Back To India? The Air Suvidha Form Might Make Travel Difficult

Recently Delhi based Sanjay Kapoor almost missed his flight to India not at all because he was late but because of Air Suvidha Form. His wife came to his rescue and filled out the form, submitted the documents and sent it to him real quick. He was unable to open the site or upload any of the documents. The form was not even looked at by anyone when he reached Delhi. 

Technical Issues Create A Mess

Sanjay Kapoor took the incident to Twitter where he also mentioned that the Airlines had not been informed about the form in advance. Thousands of India-bound passengers have faced the same issue where they either miss their flights or are harassed at boarding points because of  Air Suvidha forms. A mobile phone cannot upload documents that have to meet a prescribed file size, such as passport information, vaccination forms, etc. Indian phone users are sometimes not able to use high-speed data abroad or airports’ wi-fi isn’t adequate so they have to use laptops. 

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Government Should Look Into The Matter

To make it easier to fill out, the government should do away with PDF sizes and simplify the PDF form. Additionally, airline companies need to be held accountable for notifying passengers in advance about this form. The passengers are asked to fill in 37 queries in the form and upload documents like a vaccination certificate, a copy of passport and a negative RC-PTR certificate. The Civil Aviation Minister, Union Health Minister and Prime Minister’s office too have been tagged by people on their tweets but no heed has been paid by far. 

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