Food Blogger Creates New Trend By Eating Pizza With Pudina Chutney; Netizens Confused!

by Tania Tarafdar
Food Blogger Creates New Trend By Eating Pizza With Pudina Chutney; Netizens Confused!

We all love making food experients, but that doesn’t mean every experiment will go right. Sometimes it can go severely wrong especially when we try to combine the iconic dishes with weird accompaniments. A food blogger is now combining pizza with pudina chutney and naturally, it has left the internet thoroughly confused. Many topped pizza with weird toppings like pineapples and garlic. But would you combine pizza with pudina chutney? We are not sure, honestly!

In Video: Food Blogger Replaces Oregano With Pudina Chutney

In the video, we see the Instagram food blogger @vishalikhuranna replacing pudina chutney with oregano as the topping. In the video, the blogger digs into the pizza with pudina chutney and gives it a huge thumbs up! While the video has garnered over 89k views, the internet is certainly confused with this unusual pizza topping. It is true that pudina chutney tastes heavenly when paired with Chicken Tikka, Mutton Kebabs, and Samosa, topping it on a pizza takes things a little too far.

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Indians Have Given Many Twists To International Dishes

This is not the first time that Indians have given a spin to international dishes. Did you know pairing pizza with ketchup in Italy is considered blasphemy? And While some combinations like the Indo-Chinese Chilli Paneer have been amazing others have been disastrous. Not too long ago, a Reddit user introduced us to Maggi Milkshake and the internet definitely could not digest it.

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