5 Food Items You Should NEVER Carry In Your Hand Luggage While Flying

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Food Items You Should NEVER Carry In Your Hand Luggage While Flying

The rules for travelling somewhere by flight are endless. There are certain things that we need to pack in hand luggage, while some items are strictly prohibited. We have to follow all these steps so that they can have a safe journey without any sort of hassle or inconvenience. Hand luggage is the only item that we carry with us while boarding the flight. Hence it is necessary to follow the restrictions and pack accordingly.

Here Are Some Food Items That We Should Never Pack In Your Hand Luggage

1. Canned Foods

Canned foods are properly sealed containers with food items. Even after being properly packed, there are chances that you might not be able to carry with you in the hand luggage. If the quantity is less than 100 ml, then there might be a rare chance to carry the canned foods with you. Most of the time, the answer to it is a complete ‘NO’!

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2. Liquids

There are different kinds of liquid products that passengers carry with them. If it is prescribed medicines, then they can be carried inside the check-in bags. Milk or liquid foods for small babies are allowed to carry in the hand luggage, provided the amount is at a maximum of 100 ml. If the liquid is any kind of liquor, then you can carry till as 5 litres in their check-in luggage. The alcoholic levels of the liquor should be between 24% and 70%. 

3. Coconut

So many passengers carry things and food items to places where such foods are not easily found. Coconut is one such example. Carrying a coconut in hand luggage is not at all acceptable. While checking the bags, you might have to throw them away.

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4. Nutella

If eating Nutella inside the flight is your plan, then unfortunately that plan might not succeed. It will come true when the bottle is less than 100ml. 

5. Jams

It is quite certain that you might be stopped while checking bags if you are carrying a bottle of jam. Only if it is below 100 ml and packed properly inside a plastic bag, the bottle of jam can might pass through the security.