Foodies Can Enjoy Crispier San Francisco-Style Pizza In Pizza Hut

by Ishita Agarwal
Foodies Can Enjoy Crispier San Francisco-Style Pizza In Pizza Hut

India now has new San Francisco-style pizza in Pizza Hut! The pizza is lighter, crispier, and tastes better. Each San Francisco-style pizza is hand-stretched, which gives it a light, crisp texture and a unique taste that you can’t get anywhere else. As part of its pizza campaign has released two new fun digital films with the brand’s charismatic ambassador, Anuradha Menon. The firm collaborates with leading lifestyle, cuisine, and entertainment influencers to attract millennials.

Details About This San Francisco Style Pizza In Pizza Hut

Neha, Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza Hut India, says about the launch, “These pizzas feature a lighter, crispier dough and a chef’s unique sauce. We’re sure that our audience, which likes to try new things, will enjoy this new global pizza experience.”

The company will start an extensive marketing campaign called “Dil KholKe Delivering” to promote its San Francisco-style pizzas. However, this will let people know that it doesn’t just deliver. Instead, it delivers “Dil Kholke.”



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The brand follows all rules and regulations set by the government, WHO, and FSSAI to ensure that customers’ food is safe and clean. The pizzas are bake at 240 degrees, which kills all viruses.  The packing is done in clean, tamper-proof boxes. Moreover, all food has FSSAI-licensed ingredients and fresh, clean vegetables to make sure it tastes and looks great.

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