Foreigners Stranded In Goa Clean Beaches And Tend Crops

by Suchismita Pal
Foreigners Stranded In Goa Clean Beaches And Tend Crops

Many foreigners stranded in Goa are assisting the locals in cleaning the beaches cluttered after heavy rains and gusty winds amid monsoon. Some others are helping farmers in sowing rice crops. Goa usually doesn’t witness tourists in the rainy season and during this time, foreigners usually head back to their own countries. However, this year, many of them from nations like Russia, USA and UK are stuck in the coastal state and are utilizing their time in India in taking part in social activities. Also, 52 per cent people have chosen Goa as their first place to visit post-COVID-19, as per Curly Tales survey.

Stranded Foreigners Cleaning Beaches In Goa Amid Pandemic

According to the Hindustan Times report, a Russian tourist, Pavel Boloyangov, who cleaned the Arambol beach in North Goa, said, “I had arrived in India along with my companion to see majestic temples and holy places when the pandemic hit. I saw a group of guys gathering plastic in bags and bringing them to a designated area. I started doing the same.”

“Fifteen more people joined. More people from around the world came to the next event. There were many Indians who wanted to join it. More people came to the third event. We cleaned Arambol on a regular basis. This time, I collected a list of 40-50 volunteers from 15 countries.” Boloyangov noticed the unattended piles of garbage when he had first come to Goa in 2017. This year, he went forward to offer help in removing them.

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The Panchayat Provided The Tourists With Special Bags And Gloves

In his statement, Boloyangov said, “A colleague reported our initiative to Dhiraj Vagale, assistant director of tourism, Goa. The Government responded immediately. Sanjeev Joglekar (an official with the environment department) got in touch with me and offered me help. He sent an officer-in-charge who arranged garbage removal. Besides, he instructed an officer whose company is responsible for cleanliness of the Arambol beach to help us clean Sweet Lake. The Panchayat has provided us with special bags and gloves. Approximately 50 volunteers from many countries including India cleaned Sweet Lake. It took exactly 10 days of hard work.” Another group of foreigners helped local farmers in with sowing, transplanting and tending the rice crops.

Foreigners Stranded In Goa
Picture Credits: Twitter/@boloyangov

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Around 44 flights have operated from Goa airport to transport about 10,000 tourists to their home countries. Some flights arranged from Goa and Mumbai will repatriate more tourists in the coming weeks. While some stayed back due to unavailability of flights, some others did not return by choice. Locals are enthralled by the heartwarming gestures of these tourists. As per reports, many homestay and hotel owners have halved their room prices so that the tourists choose to stay on. This ‘beach cleaning’ initiative by the foreigners is indeed commendable. On that note, let us take y’all on a virtual tour to Goa from the comfy of your couch: