From A Delhi Confectionary To Tea Connoisseurs, How Mittal Teas Brings India’s Finest Tea Varieties To The World

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by Mallika Khurana
From A Delhi Confectionary To Tea Connoisseurs, How Mittal Teas Brings India’s Finest Tea Varieties To The World

Tea holds a revered place in Indian culture, known for its diversity and rich history. India, being one of the largest producers of tea globally, offers an astounding variety, each with distinct flavours and aromas that cater to different palates. From the robust Assam and aromatic Darjeeling to the delicate Nilgiri and unique Kangra, the Indian tea spectrum is vast and vibrant. Amidst this lush landscape of tea cultivation, Mittal Teas has emerged as a distinguished name, championing the cause of premium Indian teas worldwide.

The Genesis And Evolution Of Mittal Teas

Established in 1954 by Mr. Banarsi Das Mittal, formerly a confectionary store owner, Mittal Teas started with a simple yet profound vision: to export the finest handpicked Indian teas to the world. Today, nearly seven decades later, Mittal Teas is celebrated globally for its dedication to quality and its extensive range of exquisite teas. We had the privilege of conversing with Nikita Mittal, the Director of Growth at Mittal Teas, who shared fascinating insights into the brand’s journey, strategies, and future aspirations.

When asked about the inspiration behind Mittal Teas, Nikita reflected on the brand’s enduring mission to enrich the lives of tea lovers. “The inspiration has been adding value to the lives of tea lovers who appreciate good quality teas,” she said. The brand has evolved significantly over the years, expanding its variety and reach to cater to diverse tastes. Nikita highlighted how Mittal Teas now appeals even to younger consumers who favour blends like Peach Chamomile Green Tea. It showcases the brand’s ability to adapt to changing preferences while maintaining its core values.

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Expanding Horizons To Japan

Mittal Teas’ remarkable presence both in India and internationally is a testament to its strategic foresight and unwavering commitment to quality. Nikita emphasised the brand’s policy of never compromising on tea quality. “We do not push below-average teas for profit, ensuring only the finest teas reach our consumers,” she affirmed. 

Japan, in particular, has emerged as a significant market for Mittal Teas. The Japanese appreciation for Indian teas, which differ from their traditional green teas, opened new avenues for the brand. Nikita explained, “The Japanese market naturally became a significant focus because the Japanese highly appreciate Indian teas, which differ from their traditional green teas.” This appreciation extends to varieties like Darjeeling, Assam, Sikkim, and Nilgiri teas.

Elevating The Tea Experience

At Mittal Teas, a team of in-house tea tasters meticulously curates and selects the top 5% of teas. Nikita shed light on this rigorous process, stating, “Our wide range has evolved with market demand, maintaining high standards through meticulous selection.” This careful curation ensures that every cup of Mittal Tea offers an unparalleled experience.

Among the brand’s extensive collection, some of the most unique and rare teas are their white teas. These teas, made from young buds that have not yet matured into leaves, are minimally processed and rich in antioxidants. Nikita noted, “White teas are excellent post-meal teas due to their mildness and digestive benefits.”

Mittal Teas’ association with prestigious hotel chains like Taj, Oberoi, and Hyatt speaks volumes about the brand’s excellence. Nikita attributed this success to the brand’s extensive knowledge about teas and its commitment to educating the food and beverage teams at these hotels.

Sustainability and community empowerment are also integral to Mittal Teas’ ethos. The brand pioneered India for introducing biodegradable handmade muslin potli tea bags, providing employment opportunities to underprivileged women. “We have been all for sustainability in that regard,” Nikita affirmed. Additionally, Mittal Teas collaborates with grassroots artisans from small towns to create beautiful gift boxes. They support local crafts and showcase Indian culture to the world.

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Nikita’s Favourite Teas

When asked about her favourite tea from the Mittal Teas collection, Nikita found it challenging to pick just one. She explained that different teas suit different moods and times of the day. However, she did express a particular fondness for Darjeeling teas. She described them as “real gems due to their unbeatable and unique flavour profiles.”

As Mittal Teas continues to grow, its commitment to quality, sustainability, and community empowerment remains steadfast. The brand’s expansion plans include reaching new markets and further solidifying its presence in existing ones, all while maintaining the high standards that have made Mittal Teas a beloved name among tea aficionados.

For tea lovers, Mittal Teas represent a rich legacy of Indian tea culture, promising an exceptional tea experience with every sip.

Cover Image Courtesy: Mittal Teas/Instagram and Press Release