From Agave To Rum, Saké To Ultra-Premium, Expert Insights Into The Hottest Alcohol Trends Of 2024

Gain insights from industry expert Keshav Prakash, as he explores emerging patterns, regional influences, and more.

by Mallika Khurana
From Agave To Rum, Saké To Ultra-Premium, Expert Insights Into The Hottest Alcohol Trends Of 2024

India has a rich and diverse drinking culture, deeply intertwined with its history, traditions, and regional influences. Over the years, there has been a noticeable shift in the preferences of Indian consumers towards premium and luxury spirits, driven by factors such as increasing disposable income, exposure to global trends, and a growing appreciation for craftsmanship and quality. One significant contributor to this evolving landscape is Keshav Prakash, a renowned entrepreneur and connoisseur of luxury spirits. Through initiatives like The Vault Festival, Keshav has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of the spirits industry in India.

A Comprehensive Look At India’s Alcohol Trends For 2024

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The Vault Festival, founded by Keshav Prakash, has emerged as a groundbreaking platform that celebrates the world of craft spirits, mixology, and engaging conversations. This two-day extravaganza brings together global boutique spirit brands, Indian craft distilleries, seasoned chefs, mixologists, and spirits enthusiasts under one roof. With a focus on education, exploration, and celebration, The Vault Festival offers a unique opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of spirits.  

Keshav Prakash is a shining star in the world of craft spirits, possessing deep knowledge of India’s dynamic drinking customs. His findings certainly provide a clear picture of a changing consumer landscape where unique and locally made products are becoming more and more in demand.

Consumer preferences are clearly changing. People are certainly moving away from the mass-produced and towards the artisanal. Prakash sees a growing demand for carefully made spirits with flavours that evoke memories of their provenance. He says, “Drinking trends are changing rapidly.” The growing interest in small-batch and artisanal spirits is one noteworthy trend.

It appears that the Indian market has become a new luxury home. Prakash notes that there is certainly a desire in society for finer things, reflected in the pursuit of premium spirits. He suggests that these libations have evolved into more than just drinks. They are now status symbols for exclusivity and sophistication. He wisely notes, “While premiumization was perceived to be a trend earlier, it is solidifying into a behavioural culture now.”

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Exploring India’s Thriving Luxury Spirits Scene

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Still, amid the clamour for luxury, a niche is occupied by enthusiasts who like the unusual and the elusive. Special editions and limited releases are now considered the holy grails of connoisseurs. Prakash gives a clear picture of this appeal by mentioning products that have attracted devoted fans, like Amrut’s private labels and the Paul John Christmas edition. He says, “Special editions and limited releases are a perfect way for brands to experiment with techniques and flavour profiles in small, exclusive batches.”

It appears that the spirit world is reaching new heights in India. Subcategories that were previously marginalised are now making a comeback thanks to rising interest in diverse cuisine and worldwide trends. According to Prakash, the leaders of this movement are agave spirits, saké, craft rum, and ultra-premium offerings. “With agave spirits, there is a global phenomenon that is driving the category forward, and thanks to social media, the wave has entered India within one year,” he remarks, illustrating the rapid pace of change.

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Bartenders Redefining India’s Cocktail Culture

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Events such as The Vault Festival become incubators for creativity and discovery in this environment of changing preferences and tastes. This is where brands and consumers come together, creating bonds and learning more about the industry. Prakash emphasises how important these kinds of get-togethers are. He certainly considers them necessary for building a community united by a common interest. “Events and curated experientials are fast becoming the most transparent way for consumers and brands to interact,” he says.

Yet, amidst the buzz of events and limited editions, one cannot overlook the unsung heroes of the cocktail renaissance. Bartenders and mixologists also deserve to be recognised for their essential role in shaping alcohol trends for 2024. According to Prakash, these mixology masters are the creators of captivating and delightful beverage experiences. “Indian bartenders and mixologists are pushing boundaries internationally, and curating the best possible cocktails and beverage experiences that are ingredient-focussed and technique-forward,” he proclaims.

And as the alcohol trends continue to evolve, the spirit of adventure is certainly alive and well.

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