From Gold To Refrigerators, This Kerala Village Is Giving Prizes For Staying Indoors Amid Lockdown

by Gizel Menezes
From Gold To Refrigerators, This Kerala Village Is Giving Prizes For Staying Indoors Amid Lockdown

Staying at home amid a nationwide lockdown can be tough, but what if you were incentivized with a few grams of gold for it? Would staying at home become easier then?

Well, a village in Kerala village decided to do just that. It has turned the nationwide lockdown into a contest, where the only rule is to ‘stay indoors’. People who successfully follow this rule will win prizes, which include gold, and other household items like a refrigerator and washing machine.

Image Courtesy: The News Minute (for representation)

This Kerala Village Is Giving Prizes For Staying Indoors

When the nationwide lockdown came into effect last month, the Thazhekkode Grama Panchayat in Malappuram district of Kerala panchayat decided to give a competitive twist to it.

Instead of punishing people for breaking lockdown rules, it decided to go down the lane of positive reinforcement and reward them.

A.K. Nasar, President of the Gram Panchayat, wanted people to stay at home and felt the need to reward those who followed the lockdown guidelines. So he came up with the idea of this contest. Nasar said, “We wanted people to remain safe and stay indoors and for that, we decided to reward them.”

For doing so, the Panchayat has appointed volunteers to keep a watch on the 10,000-odd families. Those defying the lockdown will be automatically ruled out from the contest.

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Image Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Prizes Include Gold, Refrigerator And Much More

The first prize for the contest includes half a sovereign of gold, while the second prize is a refrigerator. The third prize includes a washing machine, along with 50 other complementary prizes.

Once the contest ends, families claiming to have followed lockdown rules will have to submit an affidavit to be part of the contest. Coupons will be given to all such families and the winners will be selected through a lucky draw.

What an innovative way to make people stay indoors during the lockdown! Kudos to Kerala for always standing out!

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