From Heritage Walks To Brewery Tour, Airbnb & Goa Tourism Launch A Week-Long Celebration Of Goa’s Cultural Diversity

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From Heritage Walks To Brewery Tour, Airbnb & Goa Tourism Launch A Week-Long Celebration Of Goa’s Cultural Diversity

Goa is known as India’s “sunshine state” for all the fun and its forever warm weather. For many people, the state is only about pristine beaches and dazzling nightlife. Well, this is so not true. Goa is blessed with a vast cultural diversity and offers many unique experiences. Considering this, Airbnb and Goa Tourism are together launching a week-long celebration called “Rediscover Goa,” bringing out the state’s beautiful culture.

Airbnb And Goa Tourism Celebrate Goa’s Cultural Diversity

“Rediscover Goa” will be a week-long celebration offering more than 20 specially curated quirky Airbnb experiences. The celebration will last from December 12 to December 18. These experiences will highlight Goa’s unique culture, rich heritage, culinary magic, music traditions, and beautiful landscapes.

These experiences from local experts will surely help you engage with the culture of the state. The lesser-known incredible experiences will now be available for travel enthusiasts to enjoy and see a different side of Goa. Airbnb is committed to promoting community-driven tourism and allowing visitors to experience the state’s natural beauty. 

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The Spirit Of Goa

The experiences are carefully curated to ensure that visitors experience the true spirit of Goa’s northern and southern districts. Guests can savour the various amazing culinary delicacies of the state with an authentic 5-course meal by Chef Anumitra of Edible Archives. Enjoy the two most iconic Portuguese and Goan music genres, Fado and Mando, at Madragoa. If you are an outdoorsy person, you can go kayaking in the Sal backwaters, head for a cliff-to-coast trail, or take riverside e-bike tours.

These are some other cool experiences:

  • Visiting and sampling brews at the Goa Brewing Company
  • Going for a stroll through Goa’s mansions
  • Witnessing sunset and starry sky trail
  • Watching an interactive film named Guardian Spirits Of Goa
  • Attending a pottery class
  • Savouring Chef Avinash Martin’s artisanal farm-to-table cuisine
  • Experiencing a sketchwalk

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