From Hurricane Idalia To LGBT Travel Warning, Here’s All About Canada’s New US Travel Advisory

by Shreya Ghosh
From Hurricane Idalia To LGBT Travel Warning, Here’s All About Canada’s New US Travel Advisory

Canada has issued updates on its new US travel advisory for the citizens. Updated last on 29 August 2023, the advisory states necessary details for the citizens with travel plans to fly to the United States. From stating the crucial entry and exit requirements to the latest information about Hurricane Idalia, the advisory updates everyone with the most recent news. Here’s all the updates that you need to know about.

Know About Canada’s New US Travel Advisory Here:

Travel Advisory
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  • It is advised to avoid going to the east coast and west coast of Florida because of the ongoing life-threatening Hurricane Idalia. The advisory stated that visitors must avoid travelling to the east coast from the mouth of the St. Mary’s River to Edisto Beach passing by Georgia. And for the west coast, it is better to avoid travelling to Indian Pass from Longboat Key.
  • Canada’s latest travel advisory includes a travel warning for LGBT travellers in some states of the United States. Laws and guidelines of some states in the US can turn out to be a problem for 2SLGBTQI+ people’s travel experiences. Many US states have already passed laws to ban drag shows, according to a report by CBC News.

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  • For people with plans to cross the US–Mexico border by car, the travel advisory has some points to follow. It alerts travellers to be extremely vigilant during the journey. Avoid the road trip at night, mentions the advisory. Using officially recognised border crossings is advised.
  • Presenting proof of traveller’s Canadian citizenship is a must while entering the US. Providing either a valid passport or a valid NEXUS card is also necessary. The NEXUS card needs to be “used at self-serve kiosks at designated airports”.
  • According to the travel advisory, Canada’s citizens can spend a period of 6 months in the US without a visa. It is important to specify the timeline of staying in the US while entering the nation.
  • In fact, citizens of Canada do not need their visas for studying in the US. Also, they can take part in any exchange program in the US without a visa. To do this, registering with the SEVIS is a must. All the students need to provide this while entering the US.

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These are some of the most important updates of the travel advisory.

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