From Naumachia To He’e Holua, X User Shares A Thread Of Ancient Sports Played Worldwide

Did you know about any of these one-of-a-kind sports?

by Shreya Ghosh
From Naumachia To He’e Holua, X User Shares A Thread Of Ancient Sports Played Worldwide

There is a vast difference between the games and sports we played during our childhood and what kids play today. Comparing the 21st century to centuries earlier, the games and events were drastically unalike. Let’s take a look at some ancient sports played a long time back.

Here’s A Thread Of Ancient Sports Played In Different Corners Of The World

Taking to X, Wolf of X (@tradingMaxiSL) shared the fascinating list of sports that have been enjoyed by people worldwide. While some were played for joy, a few had religious meaning as well.

1. Naumachia

This was a famous ancient Roman spectacle where a coliseum basin was filled with water. This was arranged for naval battles for convicts to fight.

2. Mesoamerican Ballgame

Mostly played by pre-Columbian people of Ancient Mesoamerica, this sport was a combination of tennis, basketball, and soccer.

3. He’e Holua

Participants aim to slide the farthest distance using a 12-foot Papa Holua sledge. Just by gliding down, sledders often crossed speeds of 50 miles per hour.

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4. Ancient Sports Thread: Pelota Purépecha

Pelota Purépecha may resemble hockey but the striking difference is the flaming ball used to play the sport. It is also known as an indigenous Mexican sport.

5. Pankration

Started long back, this sport was a part of the Greek Olympic games in 648 BC. This ancient Greek event included techniques of wrestling, kicking, boxing, and more such sports.

6. Camel Jumping

Not to mount on a camel but camel jumping is played by a player attempting to jump high to leap camels in a single bound. It started centuries back as a challenge between tribesmen.

7. Harpastum

A lot like rugby, Harpastum was enjoyed by grabbing a ball and taking it to the mentioned side to score. It was majorly famous back during the Roman Empire.

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8. Ancient Sports Thread: Venetian Bridge Wars

Huge crowds gathered in the playing areas to see mass fights among rivals from several places in Venice. It began in 1421 till 1705.

9. Pasuckuakohowog

An interesting fact about Pasuckuakohowog is how a maximum of 1,000 players could participate at once. People played the sport by placing half-mile-wide goals about a mile apart.

10. Buzkashi

Buzkashi is Afghanistan’s national sport and participants on horseback try to grab a calf’s dead body and take it to a goal line.

11. Ancient Sports Thread: Exploding Hammers

San Juan de la Vega witnesses a special Exploding Hammer Festival where people explode fireworks and explosives by pacing them on hammerheads. It is celebrated every year.

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12. Chunkey

A famous sport among Native Americans, Chunkey is usually played by throwing sticks on the land. Players grab sticks and throw them on the ground near a rolling disc.

13. One Of The Ancient Sports

The last sport mentioned in this thread looks quite interesting and too adventurous. First, a bamboo tower of about 30 metres is built. Next, players climb on its top and dive straight to the ground. The catch is one of their feet remains tied to the tower.

Did you know about any of these sports played centuries back?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Wolf of X (@tradingMaxiSL)

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